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I cannot connect to the playfab servers for a game

First I need to clarify that I am not a developer, I am a gamer.

I am trying to connect online to a game (Besiege) and I get the error "Our servers could not be reached". I contacted the game's developers and they say they've never seen error before and that the issue is with Playfab's servers and that I should contact them.... But from what I can see, this place is for developers so I am confused as to what to do.

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Yes, we are a support forum for PlayFab developers. In order to solve the problem, we may need some private information that only the developer can know. As a gamer, we recommend that you contact the game developer and ask them to check their backend to see what the reason could be. If they find that it is related to PlayFab, then they can contact us to resolve the issue.

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Thank you for the clarification. I had already contacted the developers and they basically said that they had never before seen the error that I am getting and after some time they found it's not an issue with the game, just that I couldn't connect to the playfab servers, which is why they asked to seek support from Playfab itself.

I mention the "never before" part because after looking and asking around the community of the game, no-one else has had this issue before as if I am the only person with this problem. This seems like it should be a "3-way conversation" which is weird and awkward JUST for a single person's (me) problem.

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Since PlayFab Multiplayer Servers is a server hosting service optimized for games, and the function of connecting to the server should be implemented by the game developer, so in order to solve your problem, we need the game developer to contact us with more information about your problem.

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