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Does cloud script has access to admin API?

if cloud script doesn't has access to admin API, then from where we can make calls to admin API

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You would use a local tool or script you write, or a Web API test tool like Postman. We'll also be adding Admin API capabilities in an upcoming sprint for titles that want to drive more automation of their game (catalog updates, etc.) via Tasks. What is it you want to do, specifically?

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I want to achieve party match making...assuring a bunch of players(friends) has fully joined before others can join in...for which I want to make "openSession" false until a team joins in...and then setting it true so other players can join in for matchmaking.

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Since the PlayFab matchmaker is a first-available-slot matching process (meaning that when you ask for a match, one is immediately returned which best matches the search parameters), your best bet would be to use a custom matchmaker that uses some form of queueing, so that you can collect groups of players before starting servers. Our Matchmaker API is specifically designed to allow you to use an external matchmaker with our server hosting.

Alternately, if you want to use the built-in matchmaker in PlayFab, there are a couple of approaches:

1. You could simply have any party start a new server instance that others could then join. This sounds like what you're proposing, in which case yes, you could set the server state to closed at first. The downside to that would be that you couldn't have another party of players join that server to play against the first party.

2. Assuming you have a socket connection open between the players in the party, you could have one or more of the players search to get a match, and then try to request a number of slots equal to the full party from that server. You'd then have the party members negotiate which session they are joining directly.

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Any updates on when the admin API would be accessible in cloud script? We're trying to automate calls to DeleteMaterPlayerAccount() for GDPR compliance. It would be great to access this from the client side.

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brendan avatar image brendan ♦♦ kevin-6 commented ·

We're focusing right now on enabling an updated model of hosted scripts, using Azure Functions. That'll provide for significantly more flexibility that the current mode. We'll update the blog with more info on the timeline for that as soon as we can.

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