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Change User display name via Server API / Cloud Script

I would like to apply some logic to setting the player display name. Therefore I'm using my own field in player read only data for the player name and I'm setting it via Cloud Script.

For additional convenience in the Game Manager, I'd like to also set the default PlayFab Display Name (even though I never display that in the game, only the one from read only data).

It seems like the "UpdateUserTitleDisplayName" - function is only available in the Client and the Admin API, but not the Server API.

How can I change the player name via Server API?

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brendan answered

At the moment, you're right - it's Client and Admin only (Client, to let the player change it from the game, and Admin, to let you build player management tools as needed). We simply hadn't been asked about having it in the Server API to date - I'll open a work item to get that added.

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Daniel avatar image Daniel commented ·

Hi there, it's been a while. How about now? :) Is there any way I could change display name from server?

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Andy avatar image Andy ♦♦ Daniel commented ·

As part of our work to move toward the newer entity APIs, you will get the ability to update Display Names via Cloud Script. I can't provide a concrete timeline, but it's work that's currently in progress.

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rainerlonau avatar image rainerlonau Andy ♦♦ commented ·

Is it possible now to update the display name via Cloudscript?


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Chris Moore avatar image Chris Moore commented ·

Almost 2 years since an update on this. Anything to share?

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brendan avatar image brendan Chris Moore commented ·

Because there's no such thing as a trivial change (all code changes require ether a full testing suite, or an update to any tests to validate behavior, as well as a code review), all work must be scheduled based on priority. Those priorities are driven by the strategic needs of the platform plus the feedback we have from developers. For developer requests, the priority is principally a factor of how many developers we've heard the request from. Since we've had very few requests for this to date, it isn't work we've been able to schedule. If you haven't already, I would recommend hitting "like" on the feature request for this:

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Tamer Nasser avatar image Tamer Nasser commented ·

I think its forgotten in the bottom of your backlog so here I am asking about it if its possible to be added

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max avatar image max commented ·

Cool, thanks. Could you post here again, so I get a notification and can start using it? ;)

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brendan avatar image brendan max commented ·

Yes, we add the forum post link to the internal tracking for each work item, so that we can easily post back to the thread when there's an update.

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max avatar image max brendan commented ·

Awesome :)

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Wladyslaw Jewloszewicz avatar image Wladyslaw Jewloszewicz commented ·

2 more years have passed, is it already possible to change the display name through cloud script?

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Nazariy Tymkiv answered

OMG, still waiting for changing nickname in cloud script for 6 years now

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Koray Birand avatar image Koray Birand commented ·

Yeah, still waiting.

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