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Setup Multiple Worlds

My game is a resource management game where the player starts in one world. They will start the game with 10 "transactions" per day and these will recharge each day similar to the RegeneratingCurrency sample. Depending on gameplay, the player would gain access to world#2 and then world#3 so they are managing multiple worlds. Multiple players will be playing in each world. Some players will only play in a single world. Each world will have its own initial "transaction" count and different recharge rates and each world will have their own leaderboards. How would I setup this in PlayFab?

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It sounds like you're saying that each world gets its own distinct transaction counts and leaderboards, so the simplest thing would be to use a separate virtual currency for each world, and separate statistics.

However, could you clarify what you mean by "multiple players will be playing in each world"? Is there some multiplayer component to this game?

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There will be multiple players (1 - 1000+) in world 1 each owning real estate, buying, selling, etc. The game will be ongoing over time but stats will be shown for weekly, monthly, and all time. The leaderboard will be for wealth which can fluctuate over time based on the value of the real estate. A subset of players might be invited to also play in world2 depending on their stats where there would be different real estate and possibly different rules such as the number of "transactions" they can complete in a day and how fast they recharge. The game will include leaderboards, achievements, statistics. Depending on the success of the game, there could be new worlds created (maybe 2-3 a year).

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So to be clear, the only interaction between players is via comparison of scores in leaderboards? In other words, the players manage their own "home" in the world, but those "home" entities have zero interaction with one another, and a player cannot interact with another player's "home" entity?

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Interaction between players will be scores and buying/selling real estate. This will not happen simultaneously. One player will put up land to sell at a given price. A few days later another player may choose to buy it. Do lobby or matchmaking.

Don't see much documentation on multi-player so not sure what it can do.

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