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Argument Size of Cloud Functions per plan

I know there is a limit of 30 kb of the argument size to execute cloud functions.

The limits can be edited by having other plans, but we have not found any table with the maximum limits per plan. We would like to know that.

We are trying to upload stickers to our game. We know that we can create azure blobs by sending HTTP requests after creating an UploadUrl. We think it would be good to bring all this logic to the backend, by sending the parameters + the image, such that the frontend only receives one call. Then the draft item is created in the backend. Is there a workaround for this to allow bigger files?

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The Argument Size limit of Cloud Functions is the same for all plans. If you do want to increase this limit, you will need to have an Enterprise agreement, which starts at $10k per month. If you are OK with that, you can use Contact us ( to discuss the details. And could you tell me more about your scenario? If the stickers (draft item) are UCG, then you should follow our UGC doc. If it’s updated by developers, then there is no need to use Cloud Functions. You can use Game Manager or build an admin tool for the updates.

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Hello Neils, thank you for your answers. I would like to contact you (PlayFab), but I am not the one who should be doing that because my bosses are the ones who must take those decisions, my job is to adapt to their requests :).

Yes, I have read the docs and I even made this:

We used a cloud function to: 1) Create A Upload URL for the user 2) Upload the content to azure blob 3) Create a UGC from the previous requests

Feedback: It would be nice to have a single cloud function that allows doing the whole process. I made one and it was relatively easy.

The problem is the size of the request. In order to make this possible, we need to the stickers binary data and its name. If the binary data size is larger than the 30 kB limit, then PlayFab does not allow the request. We want users to upload content freely, so making an admin tool would not work, although making an admin tool would be very helpful for content moderation (making sure that the stickers are SFW).

The solution is to split those 3 requests into separate steps and just send the http request to a blob. We will try to execute the steps 1) and 3) in the cloud, so users do NOT have unlimited access to uploading content.

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