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Unity3d CreateAndJoinLobby Doesn't Call Callbacks

I'm having trouble creating a lobby. I get to the OnLoginSuccess without any issue. There's no errors when I create and join the lobby, but it never calls the success or failure. Any one have any ideas?

 using UnityEngine;
 using PlayFab;
 using PlayFab.Multiplayer;
 using PlayFab.ClientModels;
 public class Testing : MonoBehaviour
     private void OnGUI()
         if (GUILayout.Button("Login"))
             var request = new LoginWithCustomIDRequest { CustomId = UnityEngine.Random.value.ToString(), CreateAccount = true };
             PlayFabClientAPI.LoginWithCustomID(request, OnLoginSuccess, OnLoginFailure);
     private void OnLoginSuccess(LoginResult result)
         string entityId = result.EntityToken.Entity.Id; // PlayFab user's entity Id
         string entityType = result.EntityToken.Entity.Type; // PlayFab user's entity type
         PlayFabMultiplayer.OnLobbyCreateAndJoinCompleted += this.PlayFabMultiplayer_OnLobbyCreateAndJoinCompleted;
         PlayFabMultiplayer.OnLobbyDisconnected += this.PlayFabMultiplayer_OnLobbyDisconnected;
         var createConfig = new LobbyCreateConfiguration()
             MaxMemberCount = 6,
             OwnerMigrationPolicy = LobbyOwnerMigrationPolicy.Manual,
             AccessPolicy = LobbyAccessPolicy.Public
         createConfig.LobbyProperties["Prop1"] = "Value1";
         createConfig.LobbyProperties["Prop2"] = "Value2";
         var joinConfig = new LobbyJoinConfiguration();
         joinConfig.MemberProperties["MemberProp1"] = "MemberValue1";
         joinConfig.MemberProperties["MemberProp2"] = "MemberValue2";
             new PFEntityKey(
     private void OnLoginFailure(PlayFabError error)
     private void PlayFabMultiplayer_OnLobbyCreateAndJoinCompleted(Lobby lobby, int result)
         if (LobbyError.SUCCEEDED(result))
             // Lobby was successfully created
             // Error creating a lobby
             Debug.Log("Error creating a lobby");
     private void PlayFabMultiplayer_OnLobbyDisconnected(Lobby lobby)
         // Disconnected from lobby
         Debug.Log("Disconnected from lobby!");
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I tested your code, and it works fine. The lobby connection string displays in the Console window successfully. Have you followed our documentation to drag and drop PlayfabMultiplayerEventProcessor into a scene in the Hierarchy window? For more info, you can refer to Set up your scene.

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It was the prefab thanks!

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