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Is there a way or workaround to have separate accounts for different titles for a single publisher

Hi all,

I have looked into the documentation and setup and it seems that accounts created under a single publisher id are valid for all titles under that account.

I can understand why this is. However, we are currently working with a publisher (as other developers as well) and I am investigating if we can(!) make sure accounts are unique per title.

I need to be able to have two accounts for two titles under the same publisher id. Is there a workaround or setting I missed?

If it is not possible at all are there any tricks you can employ to make sure login (or possible (re)registering) will be painless?

It is impossible - at the moment - to 'educate' the end-user that they will be using a playfab account instead of what the suspect to be a unique 'game' account. Hope this makes sense.


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Correct - accounts live at the Publisher ID level, specifically so that developers and publishers who have multiple titles can have a single player account for an individual across titles. That lets them have shared data, for cross-title experiences, as well as have a more coordinated view of the player's usage patterns.

If you are working on contract for a publisher and need to have your title (and so, player accounts) in a separate space, you can either use a title in their Studio, create a new Studio for their titles, or simply ask us to swap the title to use their Publisher ID.

But regardless of the usage pattern, it really shouldn't matter to the end-user, apart from providing them with the convenience of shared data where it's applicable.

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Jamie Cason avatar image Jamie Cason commented ·

Thanks for your reply!

I am a bit confused though. When I look at the Titles in the publisher's account I can see that each Title has an unique Studio. If I read your reply correctly this should mean the accounts are in a separate space.

However, when I try to register in Title B I get an email address already in use reply. I only registered myself in Title A. The accounts are still shared it seems. Both Title A and B have an unique Studio name.

What am I missing?



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brendan avatar image brendan Jamie Cason commented ·

Can you give us two Title IDs you're looking at, so that we can review?

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pieter avatar image pieter commented ·

Apologies for the incorrect - username below.

There seem to be some severe login issues to the playfab community. I am unable to use mine account - it continuously sends me to a register page - telling me my username/email is already taken.

Pieter Albers

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brendan avatar image brendan pieter commented ·

We're working with the AnswerHub (our forum software provider) team to resolve this issue. In the meantime, you can use this URL to log back into your original account:

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