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What is the Player Data Key/Value Count Limit?

How many Player Key/Value pairs is one allowed to have? I've seen in another thread that it was advised to pack multiple smaller data into one key/value pair.

Unfortunately the limits tab in the Game Manager does not show this limit. It does only show how many Key/Values we're allowed to update in a single call, but not how many we're allowed to save in total. This is also true for other pieces of data (e.g. character data).

I'd be really cool if the Limits tab would really show all limits that exist (or if some overview page existed), so we have all information needed for designing our games :)

Player Datadata
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Correct - we'll be updating our data model to provide a more efficient system for small data in a future update, but right now, it's far more efficient to have fewer, larger keys.

The default limit for user data KVPs is the same as the Key limit per update - 10. If you need more than that for your title, you should reach out to us via a ticket (on the right side of this page) to talk about what your specific needs are, so that we can work with you on that.

We will be exposing the remaining limits on the site as soon as possible - that's absolutely something we want to be as clear about as possible with everyone. Thanks for your patience as we work to provide that.

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Hi, any news about this? For our title we used the 10 keys, since we didn't know about the limit (it's still not in the limits page), and we'll need to store more data soon. We are considering compacting it (not sure yet if it will be possible in a way that is compatible with the currently released game version), though we'd like to talk first with somebody about the costs of expanding the limit, but the ticketing link seems to be down.

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Yes, the Entity data model specifically separates data into small (Entity Objects) JSON blobs and large (Entity Files) files. You can learn more about it here:

What ticketing link are you referring to? If you mean the Contact Us form for reaching out to the sales team, that should be working fine. But if you can specify, that would be a big help.

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I hadn't realized you can actually save data files per player up to 1 GB per title, this should solve the issue, thanks.

The ticketing link I'm referring to is the one you mentioned in the answer, the one at the right side of the page, below the "Tickets" section ("Create Ticket" and "View Open Tickets").

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This was asked on the community Slack recently so just reposting Brendan's answer here so others can find.

"The player data KVP limit for titles is the same as the number of keys that can be written in a call, as a base (so, the same as the user data key limit in Settings->Limits)." - @Brendan

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Thanks to the two of you! I's easily possible to create your own system for smaller key/values by making one of the keys the small data storage and creating the respective CloudScript functions. It's not exceptionally nice, but it does work - I was just hoping it wasn't needed ;)

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Correct - that would be the way to approach this for now. Again, we'll provide a system for more efficiently handling small data later on, but we don't have a date for that just yet, so this would be the way to go.

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