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Client API - PurchaseItem returns 1219 OperationNotSupportedForPlatform


when trying to execute a call to PurchaseItem on the Client API it comes back with error code 1219 OperationNotSupportedForPlatform. We're running Corona and using the LuaSDK, development is done using the Corona Simulator on MacOs. All calls to other functions worked without any problem. I couldn't find anything on the forum, the internet in general nor is the error code shown on the API documentation.

Any advice?



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Unfortunately, Limited Edition items are not yet supported in the PurchaseItem VC purchasing API. If you set the item to no longer be limited, or if you make the limited item purchasable with real-world currency, that would resolve this issue.

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georg avatar image georg commented ·

Thanks Brendan. Is there a reason to why this is not supported? And will this change in the near future? I guess there is no harm implementing the limitation in the app logic but using the API would be much more convenient.

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brendan avatar image brendan georg commented ·

The short answer is that yes, it's due to a limitation in the VC purchase process - we couldn't 100% guarantee that the title couldn't go over the limit for the item. We'll be working on an update to the inventory system in the first half of this year though, which should allow us to address this.

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Dylan Hunt avatar image Dylan Hunt brendan commented ·

Any follow-up on this? That was super confusing to me, too. If no plans soon (6 months since this post), perhaps warn in docs?

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Guilherme Koehler avatar image Guilherme Koehler commented ·

Hey guys, I wonder if this has ever been implemented ?

We are a small gaming startup and I was trying the platform, looking at the amazing set of features PlayFab has and thinking about smoothly migrating our game to here, so I was working on a POC of the main use cases we have to see if we could easily model them with PlayFab.

Our tournaments have a max number of entries and we were thinking the easiest way to model this would be to have ticket items with a limited edition, and a simple rule to add the player to the leaderboard on purchasing the item, but quickly ran into this issue. Entry to our tournaments is paid in virtual currency as we don't want cash going back and forth, we want to build the economy around VC.

Any ideas how this scenario could be modelled in a different way ? I tried the matchmaking, but it doesn't seem like it's geared towards this type of interaction at all - I can elaborate more on why if necessary.

I'm fairly new to the platform so please correct me if I'm wrong in any assumptions, but these were the conclusions I could take in a couple days worth of research.

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brendan avatar image brendan Guilherme Koehler commented ·

No, sorry. We'll have more options available in the updated commerce system we're working on rolling out later this year. Right now, depending on your specific requirements, you might be able to use a Group, but if you need to be highly accurate about how many players you allow, I'd recommend a Redis Int or similar.

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