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how can i add custom reset password on my website.

None of what is written on the forum is clear and descriptive. You randomly answered people. If you want us to open a new template instead of using the reset password section that you opened for the test, you have to explain everything clearly. your information is very confusing. I have a website and I opened a page called /password-reset on my website, I wanted to set up a structure like your test page and I couldn't. It's very simple, we get 2 passwords from the user and press the button and the password will change. Why are you complicating such a simple system, your resources are insufficient. I don't know Node js, why do I spend hours setting up a structure that will change only 2 inputs to my site and the password when we press a button. What you wrote in the forum as answers are so disconnected from each other that they are not merged. I need help for this very simple algorithm. You have a structure like resetpassword playfabadmin, this structure does not work anyway, it does not support unity. It is not clear where to write what. While the Playfab site works so perfectly, why is the custom mail template system so ridiculous and difficult, what is the reason?

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You have prepared a theme with the perception that anyone who knows how to use unity knows everything. but I cannot add the reset password system to my website. You do not have clear information about it, you said download the sdk, do you have a video on how to install it for those who do not know. Ok I downloaded yes now how to install, I don't know any of them. It's not my fault, you write explanations with items and think that everything is ok. Why did you make it so difficult to set up this system? I can't progress because I have to show the reset password on my own website in my game.

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If you want to reset password use email template, you may first refer to Using Email Templates to Send an Account Recovery Email - PlayFab | Microsoft Learn to create an email template, then after you call the SendAccountRecoveryEmail API, you will receive an email, after you clink the link in that email, you will be redirect to the callback URL you set in the email template which is your password-reset website, in the meantime, you will find a Token along with the callback URL, then you can call ResetPassword API with the Token and the new password on your website. If your website write with JS, you can refer to JavaScript quickstart for Native and Phaser - PlayFab | Microsoft Learn to know how to call PlayFab API on website. In addition, the Admin API requires a Secret Key, which can be found in [Game Manager] -> [Your Title] -> [Title Settings] -> [Secret Keys]. Please be careful and do not expose the Secret Key on your website.

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