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Lobby: OSS vs Plugin Multiplayer::Matchmaking?

Following up with the new info from this question,

If I create a lobby from the marketplace SDK, this apparently makes the lobby stateless; pretty pointless if it renders some of the other calls useless (like get friend lobbies or updating lobby info).

(1) If we're supposed to use PF OSS SDK for this, what kind of interactions do we still have access to in the marketplace SDK using Multiplayer::Lobby?

I ask because in the Multiplayer::Matchmaking, for example, there are 0 interactions -- if I create matchmaking ticket with PF OSS, I can't do anything with Multiplayer::Matchmaking. In the API docs implied that you could use the marketplace SDK for mgmt and the OSS for event callbacks, but that did not turn out to be true.

(3) What limitations are there for PF's OSS lobby?

Similar to Mathmaking OSS, I discovered later that you can only solo queue and can't do premades, for example - a breaking limitation for non-mobile games that wasn't doc'd in the API docs.

Anything similarly restrictive when using OSS with Lobby I should be aware of?

(4) For example, since Multiplayer::Lobby::CreateLobby non-sensically creates a stateless lobby (also undoc'd), if I create a lobby with OSS, does that mean I can jump back to the Multiplayer::Lobby calls and use them to still interact (unlike Matchmaking)?

With all these undocumented, breaking oddities that no one could possibly guess, I really want to understand these more before I dive in since I already ended up coding 4 PF matchmaking modules and still don't have event callbacks, for example.

Thank you

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Since there is no dependency between Matchmaking function and Lobby function, you can use marketplace SDK for your matchmaking function and use OSS SDK for the Lobby function. And you can use PF's OSS lobby to create lobby, invite to lobby, join lobby and find lobby, these should meet your requirements.

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Great to know that I can do this! However, my questions were more so for both the lobby interactions between the 2 SDKs. Can I create a lobby with OSS and use marketplace get lobby type calls? Created a new question for simplicity (and since I don't believe comments are monitored?).

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