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Leaderboards are not reflecting updates to Player Statistics

Within the past couple weeks, I've suddenly started having an issue where a player's statistics are not appearing in the leaderboards. I have not made any changes on the PlayFab or Client side of things during this time, so I'm not sure why something so serious could suddenly stop working.

Summary of issue:

1) Call UpdatePlayerStatistics from the client to submit a score.

2) In the PlayFab dashboard's player page, we can see that the UpdatePlayerStatistics result was successful in the PlayStream and API call results.

3) Open the player's statistics page to confirm again that the updated score was reported. No issues so far. The player's statistics page is correct.

4) (Problem step) Open the Leaderboards page to view the player's updated statistic and rank against other players. The player's score was not updated here, or simply does not exist (if this is a new leaderboard entry after a leaderboard reset). This is where the problem is. The player's statistics page does not match the leaderboards page.

This issue is only impacting a small subset of players (and I can't identify why or how these players are any different), but it is serious enough to be causing a lot of complaints and negative feedback from the more competitive players (we use the leaderboards for important tournaments).

You can see this player's "A_Tourn B7" score is 114,979,169 (as shown on his player statistics page). 5408-screen-shot-2023-01-26-at-104732.png

However, you cannot find him in the "A_Tourn B7" leaderboard. His display name is "Kanthein", and he should be visible in the section of the leaderboard displayed here. 5409-screen-shot-2023-01-26-at-105050.png

I have advised these users to try all of the following steps to resolve the issue themselves, but nothing is working:

1) Wait a longer period of time in hopes that the leaderboards would eventually reflect the changes to their scores.

2) Restart the game.

3) Delete and reinstall the game.

4) Play on a different device.

5) Restart their network.

6) Play on a VPN.

This issue is very similar to a previous bug report here: ( The cause there was a PlayFab status leaderboard delay incident. However, there are currently no status issues reported today.

Leaderboards and Statistics
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Rick Chen avatar image Rick Chen ♦ commented ·

There was a transient issue causing some players' scores were not updated on leaderboard properly. This issue has been mitigated. Could you please try updating the statistic again and see if it works now?

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Thomas Bizal avatar image Thomas Bizal Rick Chen ♦ commented ·

The initial players who were affected over the last couple weeks did have their scores eventually correct themselves a day or two after I posted this. However, it happened again to a few new players this past Wednesday, February 1.

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Rick Chen avatar image Rick Chen ♦ Thomas Bizal commented ·

The issue was related to this incident: It has been resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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