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PlayFab.d.ts not a module

Hello, I'm running into an issue where I've trouble loading the playfab sdk in TypeScript.

Code below:

     import { _decorator, Component, Node, Label } from 'cc';
     const { ccclass, property } = _decorator;

     // Error is here
     import PlayFab from 'playfab-web-sdk';
     export class NewComponent extends Component {
         start() {
         update(deltaTime: number) {

I've installed the playfab sdk via npm and the vscode is auto-completing import PlayFab from 'playfab-web-sdk'; which means it's recognized. However, I do not understand what I need to do from here on.

After googling and learning more about TypeScript. I still have question marks as the code in PlayFab.d.ts is a tad different than most examples found on the web.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Update: adding a decs.d.ts to the root of my project including declare module 'playfab-web-sdk' fixed the above problem, but when trying to run the code an error is thrown: index.js:1 Error: Error: Module "<main>" not found for file:///C:/Projects/CardboardCore/PlayFabTest/node_modules/playfab-web-sdk/

When trying to create a build, some extra information is given: ModuleNotFoundError: (i18n needed)resolve_error_module_not_found: {"specifier":"<main>","parentURL":"file:///C:/Projects/CardboardCore/PlayFabTest/node_modules/playfab-web-sdk/"}

This is happening using Cocos Creator.

Any support would be great!

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The playfab-web-sdk module is the JS SDK for the client API of PlayFab, it is for building JavaScript applications. For NodeJs, there is a playfab-sdk module which also has built-in TypeScript support with all interfaces defined already. You can try this playfab-sdk instead and see if the error still exists.

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itsjustnils avatar image itsjustnils commented ·

Thanks for the answer!

After grabbing the sdk suggested by you import { PlayFab } from 'playfab-sdk'; seems to work fine!

Now there's some cocos specific issues to fix (missing require in current environment). So I'll keep scouring the web how to fix that issue.


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This eventually didn't work as I'm trying to set something up for a web based client. Using the playfab-sdk always requires "url" and "http" and imports the entire playfab toolchain (also server side, which i don't want on a client).

It seems I'll have to go back to the playfab-web-sdk and do some manual work to get access to client-only code.

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Using "playfab-sdk" can still be an option, you can follow the document: External Module Usage Case · Cocos Creator, set the "allowSyntheticDefaultImports" option in the "compilerOptions" field to true by editing the tsconfig.json file in the project directory. If the field is not present, manually fill it in. Then you can refer to my test code that can work normally to call the loginwithcustomidid API. 5410-cocos.png

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Sorry for the late reply, as what I'm working on is a bit on a sidetrack right now. I will for sure give this a shot!

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