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Two or more players in Lobby Matchmaking on same ticket is considered as one player.


I have a question related to matchmaking with a lobby. For some reason, when matchmaking with a lobby of multiple players, the matchmaking queue seems to identify that group of players as one player.

Example scenario:

  • Create a lobby of 3 players that want to connect to the same match (Lobby host and then have the other two players to be added to the MembersToMatchWith on the Matchmaking ticket)

  • Matchmake to a queue that has a minimum amount of players to connect is 3 and a max of 10

  • Start matchmaking

  • Matchmaking never matches when connecting to a match

Another scenario that doesn't work is if I have a lobby of two matchmaking and a individual matchmaking, they never matchmake.

If I connect to a match as 3 individual players matchmaking on their own, this works fine.

Is there something that needs to be added to the Matchmaking Queue as a rule when Lobbies are trying to connect to a match? Is there anything specifically that I need to do to the Lobby to ensure they match together in a server?

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The matchmaking system requires at least 2 tickets to match. In scenario 1 you only have one ticket and since you add other two players to MembersToMatchWith property, the other two players should call JoinMatchmakingTicket API to join to the ticket (scenario 2 could be the same situation). Also, you can refer to Use lobby and matchmaking together - PlayFab | Microsoft Learn to have more information about use matchmaking and lobby together.

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We managed to find the issue. There's one minor detail that needs to be mentioned is to include the PlayerCount Rule into consideration. When matchmaking to a Queue (lets say a Team Deathmatch Queue), Only adding the MembersToMatchWith in the ticket is part one of the solution, Part two is ensuring that the PlayerCount for the queue is also added into the Matchmaking Ticket request. If defaults are set, this will always consider the ticket as one player. Having the party members and the party leader count included resolved the issue.

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If “Player Count Rule” you referred to the Matchmaking scenario and configuration examples - PlayFab | Microsoft Learn, you do need to provide the correct PlayerCount field and value in Attributes when creating the ticket.

In fact, if you don’t set any Rule in Queue, you only need 2 tickets with all MembersToMatchWith joined and satisfy the Match Size and Ticket Size of the Queue, you can matchmaking successfully. However, if you set a Rule in the Queue, except the Match Size and Ticket Size, you also need satisfy the Rule, so the ticket can successfully match.

In addition, one ticket considers as one match unit not one player. In your case, the tickets you create could not be matched, not because the matchmaking system considers the ticket (that has 3 players but without PlayCount set) as one player, but because the Rule you set hasn’t been satisfied. So, after you manually set the Player Count to satisfy the Rule, the issue resolved.

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