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SDK Frictionless login and FB Login give different Master ID when Player playing two games from Same device and Same publisher.

Hi Playfab Support Team,

We are facing issues with Frictionless Login (Device Id Login from Android) and Recoverable Login with Facebook.

The Issue

We are getting two different Playfab master IDs for our two games under the same publisher A/c and being played from the same Android Device.


We have games available for the Android Platform and both games use different KeyStore files. The games are registered with a different title id under the same publisher A/c.

  1. GARA0

  2. APM3C

Uses of Playfab SDK

We are using Playfab's Code for getting in Devie Id using PlayFabSettings.DeviceUniqueIdentifier (which internally uses some Java Code to get device Id) for Login into Playfab using the LoginWithAndroidDeviceId Client API call.


When a player is playing the first game with the Title Id GARA0. He gets a master account id from Playfab e.g. H7H9U7JGH75GJ. and played the game till level 10 completion.

Now Player uses the same device the play a second game with the title id APM3C he gets a different Playfab Master Id eg. UHYJHK890HGGT and played the game till level 15.

if you see both games give different Master's Account IDs (I am not sure Why?). For the player, it seems fine and both games belong to different title IDs, this issue might not cause any visible things to the player as he/she might not know what is happening behind the seen in the game or How Playfab handles the progress (Even player does not have an idea about which Server or SaaS handle data).

Now let's say after playing 10 levels as a guest, the player used his/her Facebook Account with the first game with Title Id GARA0. In this case his/her Facebook a/.c will be linked with the player's Master A/.c H7H9U7JGH75GJ and game progress will be recoverable from Facebook Connect and progress Continues. Still, no issue is visible to the player.

Now the Player moves to the second game APM3C and used the same Facebook account Now here there will be an issue for the player. As the mentioned Facebook a/c is already linked with Master a/c H7H9U7JGH75GJ it will not link with his current Game A/c UHYJHK890HGGT.

Case 1: Force Link Facebook to Current A/c.

In this case, if we force link the Facebook A/c. with the current Master Id UHYJHK890HGGT then the first game data progress A/c. will lose facebook information and it will not recoverable using facebook Ac.

Case 2: if Linking failed with an error code like Id already linked/claimed. do Login

Now if the error is facebook Id already linked or Claimed we might use Login With Facebook When we do LoginWithFacebook. Playfab will provide the Master A/c which is created (and linked to FB) by the first game. this A/c does not have any title A/c for the second game so it will come as a fresh game. here player might the face data loss on the server as the server does not have any progression (Title Data) and/or inventory info.

Now Can you help us with how we can overcome the issue?

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Rick Chen avatar image Rick Chen ♦ commented ·

I cannot reproduce the issue on my test titles (i.e. I can get the same player master id). Are you sure your titles are under the same studio? In addition, I cannot check your titles, are you sure the title ids you provided are valid?

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Ankur Ranpariya avatar image Ankur Ranpariya Rick Chen ♦ commented ·

Hi Rick Chen These two Playfab Title Id in which we are facing the issue. 1. 1F971 2. CBCEA

Please note we are using two different Keystores for both of the games.

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JayZuo avatar image JayZuo ♦ Ankur Ranpariya commented ·

You will need to check the DeviceUniqueIdentifier you've got in your two games. If the DeviceUniqueIdentifier is different, then the problem would happen.

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