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Identity Issues

Could someone please look at the deletion process for acccounts? Its hung up again like it was 6 months or so ago. Accounts are taking like 4-5 days to delete.

Account Management
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The account deletion related question had been discussed before, where you may refer to Delete Master Account,Deleting Master Account - Playfab Community and LoginWithFacebook issue: "The account is unavailable, because it is being deleted" - Playfab Community. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Last time this was an issue with the database - it feels a lot like that. The delete process is going on 5 days for one my accounts which seems unlikely to be normal behavior.

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It is also within the timeframe you have to expect.

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Understood but its clearly an issue - you don't go from seconds to delete an account to 7 days.

Honestly this one bug is a good enough reason for me to start looking at other options for managing my games backend services - 28 day SLA on account deletion is basically unacceptable to me. There are zero service providers in the identity space that would consider this acceptable - even an hour is unacceptable in most cases.

Plus one of the teams old developers clearly said that its a database issue previously so its something the team knows about and is choosing either not to address or can't figure out how to fix.

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brian-8 avatar image brian-8 commented ·

So is this really the final answer on all of this? It takes weeks to delete accounts?

I can't legitimately use a service that thinks this is acceptable - I'm losing players because I can't remove an account they created accidentally and reuse the username and email on the proper account.

This is clearly a major issue on the backend - I have accounts are going on 15+ days and still not deleted.

Theres prior employees of playfab who say its definitely a backend issue and that its a bug and last time this happened it magically fixed itself.

There is literally no support and no help whatsoever - this is why I will never pay to use this service - its crazy.

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Simon Cui avatar image Simon Cui brian-8 commented ·

Can you have access to support ticket? If so, you can submit a technical support ticket via the Game Manager. Please refer to SUPPORT TICKET SUBMISSION. Thank you.

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