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Insights unuseable with Grafana


Insights with Grafana are not really useable, as soon as there are more than 2 panels in Grafana with the default insights performance level you are getting Azure HTTP 429 Too many requests errors. There is no option in Grafana nor in the Azure Data Explorer Plugin to set a maximum of concurrent queries. Dashboards with just a 2 panels are not really a solution for analytics.

Raising the insights level only increases the maximum concurrent queries to 10, which is only available in the highest level. The next option has 4 concurrent queries. Is there any option to make Grafana even viable with Insights?

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PlayFab does not provide such feature that allows you to freely set the number of maximum queries in Insights Management page. If you want higher performance level, you can file a support ticket. Also, you might consider using Data connections - Overview - PlayFab | Microsoft Learn. With Data connection, you can import events into your own cluster (Azure Blob Storage or Azure Data Explorer (ADX)), and the maximum queries can be set by yourself.

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Thank you for your answer but performance level doesn't scale very nicely with costs as mentioned by user with the same problem here:

Exporting to another cluster side-by-side seems like an overengineering over a simple lack of queue. Dashboard requests are bursty in nature and there's no reason to introduce a solution that will consume signifcant money/resources for something that could be used for a couple minutes a day of CPU time.

Do you know, by any chance, if can be proxied by a HTTP proxy that would limit proxied connection to 1 at at a time with connection queue? In this scenario Grafana cluster URL would be set to proxy and the proxy would be configured to target Are there any limitation that would prevent such solution from working?

Loading dashboard in a staggered fashion over 10 seconds sounds like a better option than allocating several hundred dollars per month just to save 20 seconds a day for someone monitoring app vitals.

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I'm gonna answer my own question in case someone else runs into this problem:

Yes, HTTP proxy with connection queue works just fine.

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