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server create rooms

my game will have that everyplayer have his own room so other players can visit him (vritual world game) so i might need to create +5000 rooms in the game so when player create an account server will generate a room for him my questions : 1- can playfab manage this?

2- if there's players logged out and the room 0\10 players does server count anything? or it is going to be 0$ at the end till someone joins and start actions and events?

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I am not sure if I understand it correctly, I think your game is like ‘Animal Crossing’. (Players build their own islands that friends can visit.) If so, since it only needs to store some static data, I don’t think it is necessary to host an ongoing server for each room. I think you can implement it by storing ‘room info’ in the Player Data. If friends want to see what the room looks like, they can load those 'room info' to view it. And for the visitation feature (players can interact with each other), you can use P2P to implement it. If I misunderstood your needs, please feel free to let me know.

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hey thank you for your answer and sorry that i didnt make it clear ! game will have house for every player +public rooms witch like virtual world games when i take a look in (smartfoxserver) for example, i see that it is needed to make rooms in the server but smartfoxserver can handle these easily so i'm here to ask if playfab can do the same, making room for everryplayer and when some rooms are empty 0\10 it is shutting down till someone join. if playfab can handle this is it going to cost alot? for 250 current players for example = 250 rooms are using is this possible?
from what i see playfab can make thousands of games in matchmaking isn't that the same concept or i'm wrong here? and thanks

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Sorry for the late reply.

For your case, PlayFab Multiplayer Servers(MPS) should be able to do it. Since MPS is a session-based service, so if there are no players in a server instance, it will be shut down. When someone wants to join a room, you can active a server instance and load the room info for them. For the cost, it depends on the Virtual Machine's type and the core hours consumption, you can refer to Billing for PlayFab Multiplayer Servers 2.0 and Multiplayer servers - detailed price sheet. The build config also affects the cost. Such as 'Servers per machine', it means the number of game servers hosted on each VM. You need to do some test to see what the best server per machine for your game server would be.

You can also refer to Estimate your monthly charges for MPS.

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