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Calling PlayFabCloudScriptAPI.ExecuteFunction freezes


We have observed a freeze caused by calling PlayFabCloudScriptAPI.ExecuteFunction (the freeze seems to be longer for Azure functions that take longer to execute). In editor the whole Unity is frozen until we have the result. The same behavior is observed on WebGL and Android builds.

This is the code we use to make the call:

            (ExecuteFunctionResult result) =>
                LoadingManager.Instance.StopLoading("shopbuy result");
                if (result.FunctionResult != null)
                    if (CheckGlobalError(result.FunctionResult.ToString()))
                    ShopManager.Instance.ParseCallResponse(result.FunctionResult, false);
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Rick Chen avatar image Rick Chen ♦ commented ·

Could you please try using Postman to call your function and see if the issue will occur? Is this issue reproduceable? How often does this issue occur? Please also note that there can be cold start when calling the Azure Functions.

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cosmin avatar image cosmin Rick Chen ♦ commented ·

It happens 100% unfortunately.

I can confirm that is not a cold start, it happens any number of calls in a row. I'm not sure Postman will help because it seems Unity is waiting synchronous for something before getting an answer (I will try Postman nonetheless, but I'm not sure I can reproduce 100% the conditions within the real app).

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Rick Chen avatar image Rick Chen ♦ cosmin commented ·

If you leave the success and error callback function body empty, does it still freeze? How long does it freeze?

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