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Issues with Deleting User Accounts

I have been having issues that are getting progressively worse related to identity on my title (7355A) - I will delete a user and then the email and username still say they exist when I try to recreate the account with those details.

Normally its instant, someone told me to wait 24 hours but it doesn't seem to resolve itself. It seems like somethings actually wrong on the backend.

I can provide sample emails / usernames via DM if you want but basically every account we delete doesn't actually delete anymore.

We had an issue where we had to migrate users to username/password from CustomId and many of our players aren't following instructions so I end up having to delete a new account they create incorrectly and reassociate it to their old account and now I have maybe 20 users that I can't do anything with because of the issue.

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Action to delete master player account queues the player account for deletion, it will delete all data associated with the master player account, including data from all titles the player has played, such as statistics, custom data, inventory, purchases, virtual currency balances, characters, group memberships, publisher data, credential data, account linkages, friends list and PlayStream event history and remove the player from all leaderboards and player search indexes. It may take some time before all player data is fully deleted. For more info, you can refer to Brendan’s answer here.

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I had heard that but - I'm going on 4-5 days in some cases which just seems crazy. 24 hours sure since I'm sure its a shared service but even that is a little lengthy.

I suspect its the last bit which is the index that is the issue - I'm guessing the index takes a long time to clear and so that is why it can't be reassociated.

My main issue is players end up with two accounts so if I could merge that them that would work but this is just turning into a nightmare now as I players who can't log in for days where there are game mechanics for caring for a digital pet that has monetary repercussions if you don't.

I'm sort of stuff with no options here.

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May I know the IDs of the master player account that have the issue for too long?

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