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Play with other persons on server while waiting for matchmaker


I need some help with how to implement the following system. I have a PVP game match-based game that has different modes to play (1v1/ 2v2/ 3v3/ etc) with a time limit of X minutes. Let's take the 3vs3 game mode case.

I want to implement PlayFab matchmaking and PlayFab multiplayer servers (so I will host my dedicated server on PlayFab). What I am not sure to implement/ if it's possible to implement is sort of a waiting-for-matchmaking-server.

What that means is sort of a warm-up session, where you are with a friend, you join the matchmaking together, so there are 2 out of 6 players needed for a game. You then play around on the server, waiting for the other 4 players. In time, other matched players will join your server, and when all 6 players are found, the game starts for real with them.

From what I've read, it's not possible to do this with PlayFab. You can't match with people who are looking for a game, because you only get the server info when ALL the players are found. Is this true?

Is there any workaround to play with other people while waiting for a game? Is not playing with the same people you are gonna be matchmaked with, but random ones, a solution?

Any ideas or workarounds are greatly appreciated!

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The simplest solution would be to match two players, and then have the server use backfill tickets to get more players for the session: Using server backfill tickets - PlayFab | Microsoft Docs

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Can I match friends together? Aka me and my friend are looking for a game, so we match each other and then look for other 2 players with the backfill tickets.

Also, that should work if I am looking for a 2v2/ 3vs3 game alone too, right? I match with someone and then get all other players needed the same way.

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The main recommendation would be to use Lobby and Matchmaking together. If you're not, how are you connecting friends outside the context of the server? Are you using some kind of "presence" system so that friends can see when each other are signed in?

Once you have the players in that session, you could then create your backfill tickets on that server.

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