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Best Practices For PlayFab OSS Unreal Engine

I'm currently trying to map out how I want to attack using this plugin with thoughts of dedicated servers in mind. Is setting up sessions and logging in the same method I would use for something as known as the steam oss? Where can I find tutorials about getting everything set up properly. I'm currently watching the Unreal Engine & Playfab 3 part series on youtube but in those videos theres no guidance for connecting players its more of a tour of some of the features playfab offers. At the most basic level I would like :

1. Players to open the game and either be presented with a sign up page (Using all offered methods of authentication e.g facebook, steam, etc) or automatically logging in

2. Players can explore the lobby level without connecting to a server, with permissions to do things like explore and purchase from a shop or invite friends to queue up with.

3. Players will enter a queue which will find a server with enough space for them and friends if in a party and they will enter the match.

4. When the match ends restart back at step 2 where they aren't connected but authenticated.

is there such a guide to achieve this using the playfab oss to create partys and some form of a matchmaking system?

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I am trying to implement the functionality you need.

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How is it going for you? I've just implemented the RedPoint EOS plugin. Got it compiling and in the editor I can see myself logged into my epic games account. Cant authenticate outside the edtior though I get this screen. Super annoying but it think it has something to do with the common user plugin epic has set up in the lyra sample game. Spending hours waiting on some info is the worst part of game development.

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PlayFab OSS plugin is only used for Party and Lobby. To achieve what you want, you will also need PlayFab SDK.

1. Sign up or logging in should be implemented with PlayFab SDK. You can refer to Platform-Specific Authentication Tutorials. Although we do not have tutorials for Unreal Engine, but it should be similar.

2. For search and explore the lobby, please see Find lobbies and other docs.

3. For matchmaking, please see Matchmaking quickstart - client SDK and other docs.

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