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AddOrUpdateContactEmail Doesn't Work

I'm trying to update the users contact email address using the Client API call, AddOrUpdateContactEmail after the user successfully logs in with an email and password.

The API request is invoked without any errors and I receive the success callback as expected, but the contact email on the player title account never gets updated, and remains empty. Subsequently this results in the email verification process to fail because it never gets updated in the account data. I've checked the request data and confirmed that the email string is being properly provided in the request object. I've even done a direct HTTP POST request to go around the Client API, using the authorization header, and even that returns a successful result.

I also update the users AvatarURL (UpdateAvatarUrl) and the User Title Display Name (UpdateUserTitleDisplayName) when logging in, if its not already set, but I make sure to wait for previous requests, so that I only call them one at a time, to avoid the 409 Conflict Error that occurs when trying to change player data at the same time.

I looked through several other forum posts regarding issues with updating the contact email, but they all seem to relate more directly to the email verification process.

I've allowed client access to the contact email addresses in the Client Profile Options, but that seems to only relate to accessing it upon retrieving the player profile info using view constraints, so I don't see why that would affect the contact email itself being updated on their player account.

Any ideas on why it doesn't update the contact email address for users? Is there maybe another title setting somewhere that's not allowing clients to update the contact email?

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I cannot reproduce this issue now. This issue can be related to a recent incident, which has been resolved. Please refer to: PlayFab Status - Data Processing Delays. Could you please try again this time? If the issue still exists, please provide your title id for us to troubleshoot.

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Thanks Rick! It seems it may have been because of this data processing delay from last week, because it just seems to work fine now. Very weird.

Thanks for getting back, Cheers.

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