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Update item instance custom data

I want to change and evenutally create (if it doesn't exist) an item instance custom data. I didnt found much except for this: UpdateUserInventoryItemCustomData but since i'm quite new at using CloudScript I don't really know how to make a function that given and ItemInstanceId, the name of the parameter and its value is able to update it.

Here I have this function that tries to move an item to a different kind of inventory (Player inventory, vehicle inventory etc..)

public void MoveItemToInventory(string _itemInstanceId, InventoryId _inventoryId)
        string playfabId = "";
        GetAccountInfoRequest request1 = new GetAccountInfoRequest();
        PlayFabClientAPI.GetAccountInfo(request1, result => { playfabId = result.AccountInfo.PlayFabId; }, OnError);

        var request = new ExecuteCloudScriptRequest
            FunctionName = "UpdateItemInstanceCustomData",
            FunctionParameter = new {
                PlayFabId = playfabId,
                ItemInstance = _itemInstanceId,
                NewValue = ((int)_inventoryId).ToString(),
                ToUpgrade = "InventoryId"
        PlayFabClientAPI.ExecuteCloudScript(request, result => { Debug.LogError(result.FunctionResult); }, OnError);

This should call this function on the Cloud similar to one I found in an old question

handlers.UpdateItemInstanceCustomData = function (args)
    var itemInstance = args.ItemInstance;
    var newValue = args.NewValue;
    var playfabId = args.PlayFabId;
    var dataPayload = {};
    var keyString = args.ToUpgrade //"SlotNumber";
    dataPayload[keyString] = newValue;
    var itemCustomData = server.UpdateUserInventoryItemCustomData(
        PlayFabId : playfabId,
        ItemInstanceId : itemInstance,
        Data : dataPayload


So far, I'm just getting Null as a result of the ExecuteCloudScript call and no updates

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I have tested your Cloud Script code and it works fine. If you are getting Null as a result, then there should be an error in Cloud Script. Please check the error logs to know the cause. You can check the error logs in the ExecuteCloudScript’s response or in the Data Explorer. And we also recommend to use Postman for troubleshooting.

BTW, I have noticed that the type of “_inventoryId” is “InventoryId”, while the parameter “ItemInstanceId” for UpdateUserInventoryItemCustomData should be a string, not sure if this is the cause.

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InventoryId and ItemInstanceId are passed as strings.

This is the error message in the ExecuteCloudScriptResponse:

The script called a PlayFab API, which returned an error. See the Error logs for details.

While this is what I get on playfab

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Besides "Error", the ExecuteCloudScriptResponse should also have key "Logs", where you can get the detailed error logs.

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Thanks, from the logs I noticed that the problem was that the playfabId wasnt being saved correctly on client side after the GetAccountInfo request.

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