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[UE4 OSS Plugin] Find Lobbies results all have 0 maxMemberCount

I'm currently developing a game for Unreal Engine 4 and using the OSS plugin currently available (

While testing my game, I ran into an issue where no sessions were being found. After investigating, I realized they were being filtered by my internal check to discard empty and/or full sessions. After debugging through why that was happening, I realized every lobby found internally by the plugin has a maxMemberCount of 0 as well as a currentMemberCount of 0.

I double checked that they were being created with the appropriate maxMemberCount (by inspecting the PFLobbyCreateConfiguration struct as it's set up), which is supposed to be 2, but that information is somehow being discarded either on creation or on retrieval.

Is this intended? And if so, how do I work around that so I can get the appropriate results?

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I will dig into it.

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Hi @Xiao Zha, I'm currently experiencing a similar issue where Find Lobbies is returning zero results. I've verified using a Get Lobby after Create Lobby, that the lobby was created and successfully connected the host user.
When I do use the Find Lobbies node, with in the request, I don't provide any Filter or OrderBy, however I do provide a Pagination with a page size of 50. Is filter and/or OrderBy additional data I must provide in order to find active lobbies?

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