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Problems trying to sync playfab lobby changes/updates with lobby members

I am have troubling figuring out a proper way (that works) to sync any lobby changes that occur, for example new members being added/removed etc.

I have a multiplayer game working in Unity, and I am trying to use the PlayFab Lobby system as a staging ground for players before having everyone connect to a server and load into a game. I have had no problem using the PlayFab Unity SDK lobby functions here. I am able to create/Find/Join/etc.. any lobbies. The problem I have is that if a client is waiting in a lobby and I have another client join the lobby, I would like some kind of event to trigger letting the existing clients in the lobby know that a new client joined.

I did stumble onto the PlayFab Multiplayer SDK, but I have been unable to get this to work. The OnLobbyMemberAdded events never trigger (yes I did add the MultiplayerEvent prefab to the scene). I thought maybe that maybe using the PlayFab SDK JoinLobby method instead of the PlayFab Multiplayer SDK JoinLobby might be an issue, but I was also unable to get the PlayFabMultiplayer SDK JoinLobby method from working.

Using the PlayFabMultiplayer SDK joinLobby, I get the follow disconnect/error saying:

The client is no longer connected to the lobby because none of the client's local entities are members.

I don't know what a "local" PlayFab entity is here, but this might be related as the OnLobbyMemberAdded description says "local PlayFab entity was added to lobby as a member". Can someone help explain these issues with the PlayFabMultiplayer SDK? What is "local" here. I am simply creating lobbies and trying to join these lobbies?

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In my test, it works fine. Can you provide your code for further research.

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