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My Unity server build always unhealthy?

I am trying to upload a unity game server to Playfab multiplayer. Here's what I've done:

- GDSK integration done

- Tested locally with Linux build using container and everything works(I followed these instructions)

- Compressing build files in a

- Upload container to PlayFab by using Docker

Game Manager side:

- Selected Container server type with Linux operating system,

- Upload

- Set mount path to C:\Assets

- Set start command to C:\Assets\server.x86_64

- Set other settings(Like port, regions etc.) and press Add build button

Everything is working on local but when I deploy the server to PlayFab, always I am getting "Unhealthy" error.

My Title id: BC7B8

Contents of file:

- server_Data (Directory)

- (File)

- server.x86_64 (File)

- (File)

game manager
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Have you tested your build in container mode? You may refer to this document to troubleshoot your build in container mode -- Debug Container-based game servers using LocalMultiplayerAgent - PlayFab | Microsoft Docs.

It is also necessary to check the library dependencies because docker is different from local runtime environment. For windows build, PlayFab provides a DLL check exe, while in Linux, you may use commands like "ldd" for checking. I am not an expert on Linux, please find dedicated support from the Linux community. Thanks for your understanding.

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@SethDu Is there away to I can see the error logs on PlayFab side for the problem causing Unhealthy?

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Dimitris-Ilias Gkanatsios avatar image Dimitris-Ilias Gkanatsios Spektra Games commented ·

@Spektra Games check here for how to get the logs. Archiving and retrieving multiplayer server logs - PlayFab | Microsoft Docs

I'd assume the server is crashing, unfortunately. Also check here for some debugging tips MpsSamples/ at main PlayFab/MpsSamples (

edit: just now saw your settings. Wondering why/how LocalMultiplayerAgent is working with "Linux container" and "C:\Assets". The latter is a Windows path, it shouldn't work on Linux.

Is your game server built as Windows or Linux? If it's Linux, you should use the -lcow parameter on LocalMultiplayerAgent. Check here for instructions LocalMultiplayerAgent Overview - PlayFab | Microsoft Docs

Let's make sure your game server works locally before publishing to PlayFab :)

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