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Trying to call SetObject cloudscript but not working.

My goal is just to have my client change data in another users account.

It's suppose to be a notification that the client user requested to chat. Later the user that recieved the data should do a GetObjects to see if he has a chat request. This question is related a bit to the question @Gosen Gao answered :

here is my javascript cloudscript code:

handlers.askChat = function (args, context) {
 		Id: args.ReceiverEntityId,
 		Type: "title_player_account",
 		TypeString: "title_player_account"
 		ObjectName: "ChatRequests",
 		DataObject: {IdUserRequesting:currentPlayerId}

I also tried this version:

handlers.askChat = function (args, context) {
    var headers = {
        "X-EntityToken": entity.GetEntityToken()//this is just a guess from what I read in the api
    var body = {
        Entity: {Id: args.ReceiverEntityId,Type: "title_player_account",TypeString: "title_player_account"},
        Objects: [{ObjectName: "ChatRequests",DataObject: currentPlayerId}]

    var url = "
";//i put my correct title id
    var content = JSON.stringify(body);
    var httpMethod = "post";
    var contentType = "application/json";
    // The pre-defined http object makes synchronous HTTP requests
    var response = http.request(url, httpMethod, content, contentType, headers);
    return { responseContent: response };

i think i feel more comfortable using the code above with the HTTP request since I'm not sure I understand how the first piece of code is written based from the API:.

If there is documentation about that would appreciate to know where.

Here is my unity code : (friendInfoCon.FriendPlayFabId I checked, does indeed give me the playfab id as expected, it comes from me having used PlayFabClientAPI.GetFriendsList somewhere else in my code)

using PlayFab;
using PlayFab.ClientModels;
using PlayFab.CloudScriptModels;

FriendInfo friendInfoCon;
private void CallAskChatFunction()
        var request = new ExecuteCloudScriptRequest
            FunctionName = "askChat",
            FunctionParameter = new
                ReceiverEntityId = friendInfoCon.FriendPlayFabId
            GeneratePlayStreamEvent = true

        PlayFabClientAPI.ExecuteCloudScript(request, (PlayFab.ClientModels.ExecuteCloudScriptResult result) => {

            if(result!=null&& result.FunctionResult!=null)
            Debug.Log($"function askChat called result: {result.FunctionResult.ToString()}");
             Debug.Log($"function askChat called null results");

        (PlayFabError error) => {
            Debug.Log($"Opps Something went wrong: {error.GenerateErrorReport()}");

So in the playstream monitor I get this event:

in my unity console I get this log:

"function askChat called null results"

also the objects of the player I'm changing are still empty I think I'm expecting them to change:

thanks in advance for any help.

I have being asking quite a few questions I'm sorry for that. I'm kinda lost I'm not sure if I have being going around through the right track to learn how to use play-fab. I'm hoping I'm like just 1 question away from not needing more help thanks for all the help so far.

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I think i found the answer to my own question in another question.

Type:"title_player_account", needs to be changed to Type:"master_player_account"

also the TypeString property is not really needed I just removed it and it worked.

More details here.

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