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Azure Multiplayer server cannot connect to websocket


I've been tasked to migrate our custom multiplayer server from the legacy version, to the new azure version, since the legacy is going away, but I've hit a wall, I don't know how to solve.

Our multiplayer game server is connecting to a third-party server via websocket (443 TCP, should be), to inform our backend about the game state, get player data, and so on. This worked fine on the legacy server, but the new azure server solution simply blocks the connection attempt.

We only receive this error, but most of the time it doesn't even answer: Received websocket error: NET - The connection to the given server / port failed

I don't think it's certification problem, that is usually a different step, giving different error.

According to documentation, outgoing connections do not need to be configured, and should work out of the box.

Using Windows Containers, DV2 server, if it matters.

Thank you for your help

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What's your title ID? How do you configurate the server build?

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Thank you for your answer!

My Title ID is 2ABB. I've used Dv2 virtual machine, 5 process per server, Windows, Container, Read Only assets, WestUS region with 1 standby and 1 maximum server, UDP port open at 9000. That's all the configuration I have.

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Seth Du avatar image Seth Du ♦ robertdemjan commented ·

Ports in the Network section of server build configuration page are used to enable the permission for server build container to communicate with external Internet. It is like firewall whitelist. Would you try to add 443 TCP port in the Network field?

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Seth Du answered

You are also able to remotely connect to the VM that hosts your server build (RDP details can be seen in Game Manger), which is running in Windows Server OS. You may also enter the Docker container via PowerShell for debugging.

Moreover, though outbound doesn't require additional configuration, there is port mapping during inbound communication -- [external internet] -> [Azure VM] -> [Docker container (your running server instance)]. So, it is also possible that your customized server doesn't get the actual port number of your instance. I am not very familiar with WebSocket, but you may need to add additional functions to your external server to receive the connection details of server instance, like one-way http listener.

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