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[UE4 & Matchmaking] How difficult would it be to have different gamemodes for matchmaking?,How difficult would it be to have more than one gamemodes for matchmaking SDK?

Hello, I'm new to this community so I apologise if I asked this question in wrong channel.

So my question is "is this possible" and "how difficult would it be" question, rather than a "how to" question.

I'm working on a simple number guessing mobile game that being developed in UE4, and client suddenly requested a multiplayer feature and a matchmaking server. I'm thinking to implement Playfab Matchmaking SDK and we have 9 different gamemodes (number guessing counts rise up for each game mode, for the first one players try to guess 3 numbers, for the 9th one players try to guess 9 numbers). And they bid in-game currencies before starting a game, winner takes double of the bid (each player gives 200 in-game currency and winner takes 400 after the match). So I have to pass those values to matchmaking server and queue people based on those rules.

I have a strong knowledge of C++ and never worked on such features like this before. Is it realistic that implementation of those features can be finished in one month or should I deny the clients request?

Thanks for reading

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It is possible to implement it with PlayFab Matchmaking, and it is not difficult. You can find some Matchmaking scenario and configuration examples here, Multiple game modes and Cross game mode search should suit to your scenario.

The Multiplayer Servers(MPS) may consume some time, MPS needs PlayFab Game Server SDK(GSDK) to connect your game server to the PlayFab agent installed on the VM. Depending on the platform you choose, you need to integrate different GSDKs into your server project. You can start with official documents -- or official samples -- Multiplayer Servers samples and resources.

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Thank you very much for the kind answer, that helped a lot :)

Can I ask one more question?

Is Matchmaker SDK free on it's own? Can we use it on our custom (non-playfab) servers or do we have to install it to Playfab servers? I only found Pricing page for the Playfab itself, I guess we can't seperate Matchmaker SDK and Playfab's pricing from each other?

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It is important to note that there is no Matchmaker SDK. Matchmaking related APIs are contained in PlayFab SDK. Any API with the keyword "Matchmaker" in the name belongs to the deprecated old Matchmaker system, which has been replaced by Matchmaking. What I mentioned below is based on Matchmaking.

It is completely free during the development stage, but after your title is launched, it will incur costs due to events, profile read.

You can use the Matchmaking without the Multiplayer Servers. After the matchmaking is over, you will get the information of all matched players, and then you can directly connect the players to your game server.

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