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EastUS region usage peak core usage

Hello, in the Unreal project that I'm working we changed the quota to pay as you go and got another region to work with (UK South), with this we have three regions to be testing but we mostly use EastUS region.

The problem is that we can't match because the peak core usage is at 100% when we start searching though we only have two servers deployed with one standby server deployed only.

We only used the NorthEU in the past three days to let the EastUS region "rest" and lower the core usage but as soon as we start searching it peaks again and we can't match.

Can you provide us with some guidance as to why that happens?

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Could you please provide the detailed reproduced steps?

Do you mean you deployed one server build, and configured the maximum number of servers to be two and the number of standby servers to be one? Then you operated the matchmaking logic in your clients, the server cannot be allocated successfully, and you got the error "peak core usage is at 100%", is it right?

If so, could you please clarify how you got the error specifically and provide the detailed error messages? Besides, which type of core you chose, how many servers you configured for a VM? Could you provide your configuration of [Virtual machine size] and [Servers per machine] for the reference?

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  1. We had our project with only the free tier, so we only had two regions available 'EastUS' and 'NorthEU', so we changed to Pay as you go tier to get access to 'UKSouth'
  2. After doing this we couldn't match at all, and we noticed that the peak core usage of the 'EastUS' region (The one that we use the most) was always at 100%, we have 24 Dasv4 cores
  3. We only have two server builds running and the core usage of this region has only decreased to 75% which peaks almost instantly and if we set the three regions available the matchmaking is not possible.

So we are not getting any error, neither on the clients or the servers, but the matchmaking doesn't work and does not match any player, and we can only match if we set one region 'EastUS'.

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The failure of matchmaking should be not related to how many builds you are running but related to how many standby servers remaining. And one Matchmaking queue can only be associated with one build. Did your matchmaking fail because of insufficient standby server?

According to your description, you own the 24 Dasv4 cores VM in the East Region, but when you create a server build, you only set up 3 server instances on one VM, is that right? If so, for clarification, more server instances you host on one VM, the core usage of single server will be less, on the contrary, less server instances you host on one VM the core usage of single server instance will be more. We would suggest you increase the number of the server you host per machine to reduce the core usage of single server. So that, you can also increase number of standby servers for matchmaking. Please correct me if I have any misunderstandings.

Besides, if your Matchingmaking have never been successful. You may need to check the rule of your Matchingmaking queue. As our documentation - Activating server allocation for the queue said, the Matckmaking queue that enabled server allocation need to contain the RegionSelectionRule. Otherwise, this queue cannot work correctly.

Except the above causes, the wrong Matchmaking tickets may also cause the failure of Matchmaking. Please confirm you followed this section - Region Selection rule to configure the Matchmaking ticket.

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