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Can't enable Party SDK for my title

When I first started investigating using PlayFab for our clients game, I had made a test project that I've been using up to this point under my own company that I work for. As we are now approaching our submission date, we had our client make a new title under their own studio so that they would have control over managing it, but are having trouble enabling Party services as mentioned in the docs here. I remember being able to do this for my test project just fine, but I'm now only seeing what I currently see for my test project when attempting to do it for this new project ID which is an "Add Credit Card" screen instead of the expected screen shown in the linked documentation.

Is it now expected that you need to add some form of payment before enabling Party services? I never had to add a card with my test project which is able to utilize Party API calls just fine (and still works). The entire reason we decided to go with using PlayFab for our title was that since we were only using it on Xbox consoles that it was going to be free for us to use for our needs (data and voice transmission) so our client is hesitant to add payment information since we hadn't needed to before.

Thank you for any insight on this!

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By default, as the documentation - Enabling PlayFab Party - PlayFab | Microsoft Docs said, PlayFab requires you to add the credit card to your studio firstly, so that you can enable PlayFab Party service for the titles. For your test title, the credit card may have already been added to the corresponding studio. You can follow this documentation - Billing Summary + Base Rate - PlayFab | Microsoft Docs to navigate to your studio’s [Billing Summary] page, then click the [Billing information] to check whether your company added the credit card before.

Besides, the Party service is free for the titles that using Xbox Live. You can confirm this point on our pricing page - Pricing ( If you are using Xbox Live, you can contact your Microsoft representative for the help about how to enable PlayFab Party Service for the title freely.

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Thanks for the response Sarah!

I'm sure that we'll be fine adding a credit card for the title, just wasn't sure if it was required. As for the test title I initially made, I had created the studio at the same time as we also haven't used PlayFab before until this project so there wouldn't have been any previous cards added to the studio. We'll be sure to contact our rep if need be for any assistance in getting stuff setup before launch.

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