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How can i disable push notifications?


I'm new user in playfab.

I'm using unity 5.3 and development android games.

I was activated android push notifications in game manager.

I didn't install push notification packages in unity.

And then error occurs when logged in playfab.

It seems to be caused by active push notifications.

I don't need push notification now.

How can i turn off push notfication in game manager?

error message in client =>

SerializationException: Invalid JSON string PlayFab.Json.PlayFabSimpleJson.DeserializeObject (System.String json) (at Assets/PlayFabSdk/Shared/Internal/SimpleJson.cs:568) PlayFab.Json.PlayFabSimpleJson.DeserializeObject (System.String json, System.Type type, IJsonSerializerStrategy jsonSerializerStrategy) (at Assets/PlayFabSdk/Shared/Internal/SimpleJson.cs:600) PlayFab.Json.PlayFabSimpleJson.DeserializeObject[HttpResponseObject] (System.String json, IJsonSerializerStrategy jsonSerializerStrategy) (at Assets/PlayFabSdk/Shared/Internal/SimpleJson.cs:613) PlayFab.Json.SimpleJsonInstance.DeserializeObject[HttpResponseObject] (System.String json, System.Object jsonSerializerStrategy) (at Assets/PlayFabSdk/Shared/Internal/ISerializer.cs:66) PlayFab.Json.JsonWrapper.DeserializeObject[HttpResponseObject] (System.String json, System.Object jsonSerializerStrategy) (at Assets/PlayFabSdk/Shared/Internal/ISerializer.cs:38) PlayFab.Internal.PlayFabWww+<MakeApiCall>c__AnonStorey4C.<>m__E (System.String response) (at Assets/PlayFabSdk/Shared/Internal/PlayFabHttp/PlayFabWWW.cs:75) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) PlayFab.Internal.<MakeApiCall>c__AnonStorey4C:<>m__E(String) (at Assets/PlayFabSdk/Shared/Internal/PlayFabHttp/PlayFabWWW.cs:151) PlayFab.Internal.<Post>c__Iterator4:MoveNext() (at Assets/PlayFabSdk/Shared/Internal/PlayFabHttp/PlayFabWWW.cs:206)

Push Notifications
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Setting up Push in the title shouldn't cause any issues for a signed in client - especially since it sounds like you're saying that client didn't then register for Push Notifications (and so isn't receiving any). Can you provide more details on this error? What API call are you making specifically? Can you share the code snippet showing the call in question?

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Ok, That's right it dosen't matter with push notifications.

Find out the cause of the error.

That error seems to be caused by when i clicked playfab editor extension tab in unity. JUST CLICKED.

And then error occurs when logged in playfab. JUST TRIED LOG IN. (use PlayFabClientAPI.LoginWithGoogleAccount)

The game manager is recorded to be signed. But client can't log in.

The solution is re-run unity. Nothing touch, just re-run.

I have lastest version sdk (2.10.161003) and EDEX (0.0.993).

unity 5.3.4f1

Thank you.

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Interesting - thanks. We'll have the tools team check into this.

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