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Strange behaviours after deleting all players

We recently deleted all users in a game in development by using the suggestion by Brendan here (Scheduled task with delete user on all users):

After this, we have started logging in users again to recreate them, but are getting some strange problems.

  • Players page in the backend says "0 total players" even though the newly added players are showing up.
  • Same for the segments page, all segments have 0 users (including all users)
  • We use PlayFabClientAPI.GetPlayFabIDsFromGenericIDs to find what oculus friends have playfab, and that is still returning a list of playfab ids that no longer exists.
  • When we try to add one of those no-longer-existing playfabids as friends (which we apparently shouldn't without checking their existence first), PlayFabClientAPI.AddFriend is returning an "These users are already friends" error
  • PlayFabClientAPI.GetFriendsList is NOT retrieveing those allegedly existing friends though.

Is our database or some cache corrupt? How can we fix it?

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Another behaviour is that when a user is recreated, it already has the friends it used to have before (with all previous tags), as long as those are recreated. And anyone that used to have a user as friends get it back as soon as its recrerated.

Together with the other issues, it seems the master users arent deleted, but merely the title users. When the title user gets recreated, the old master user properties (such as friends) are brought back.

The friendslist is however filtered on request (and in the backend admin UI) so you dont see all those ghost friends until they are recreated.

I suppose its a feature that old friends are picked up automatically (and shared between titles?).

Still doesnt explain the 0s we get in all lists though...

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Seth Du answered

Delete player action in scheduled task is to delete the title player account, which will remain data in master player account. There is still profile data that is stored in master player account.

"0 total players" is fine and there is delay on the display. The player list that returned through GetPlayFabIDsFromGenericIDs can be master player accounts that doesn’t have a title player account in this title. Will you try to call DeleteMasterPlayerAccount to delete them if it is required. Please also note that deletion is a queued task and will take few minutes.

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