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Hosting Rest API Playfab


I recently discover PlayFab and I have some questions about what can it does.
I want to create a REST Api and I would like to know if PlayFab can Host a custom REST API.
I watched some videos to deploy a server using Unity, but I just want to create a simple REST server.
I searched online and the forum (and I think I miss something, I am new to multiplayer game) and didn't find an answer to my questions.
For what I understand, PlayFab can manage the authentication, some security and other services, but do I need to do something special to upload a project which will be accessible with a user who will send some REST request ?
For the project I work on, I just want to make a management game so no need for UDP or speed. It will be one request --> one response (maybe some websocket I don't know).
Is PlayFab made for that too ?
If yes, can I create a simple C# Project to, after, upload the project to PlayFab and host a server ?
Do I need to work on Azure only ?

Thank you for your answer.
Have a nice day

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I don’t think the multiplayer server is good for hosting your custom REST server. The PlayFab multiplayer server is designed for session-based multiplayer games. And it may not be a good solution for the long lasting REST API server. The PlayFab itself is a complete backend platform for live games with managed game services, real-time analytics, and LiveOps. There are plenty APIs available for different services in PlayFab. You could learn more about PlayFab in this document:

If you still want to host your custom Rest API, please look for other service solution.

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Benoit MIRA avatar image Benoit MIRA commented ·

Thank you @Rick Chen

I will search for another way.
Have a good day :)

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Raven Zuo avatar image Raven Zuo commented ·

Hi Rick,

I have a similar situation with @Benoit MIRA, in my case, we should have a restful service for the LiveOps team, they will issue actions such as giving items to players through rest apis.

If we host the service somewhere else, what's the best way do you suggest for the service to access playfab backend? Because to give player items, the service will have to access Playfab backend.

If the service can't access the Playfab backend, then any way we can host this in the Playfab(or Azure) ecosystem?

Thank you in advance for the answer.

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