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When to disregard the 10 character limit


I've read up a bit on the Character system in PlayFab and the Inventory system, and cannot decide if our currently implemented approach is the recommended one. I would love some input on this.

Technical requirements:

- Players can own playable characters/heroes.

- Characters can have skins, items, talents/spec and statistics.

- Each character can have a sperate progression through the campaign mode that needs to be tracked.

- Title launches with 15 available characters and 1 character set to release every 2 months (will easily exceed the 10 Character suggested limit).

- Character data updates will not occur frequently.

Given those requirements, I cannot think of a better way to implement this than to use the Character system.

- Should we continue using the Character approach, and disregard the 10 Character limit? What would this mean if we do?.

- If not, how would we accomplish those requirements?

- If character custom data can be serialized into manageable sized data blocks. Should we instead consider using player data to handle character customization, and combine that with inventory items to determine if player owns a character / skin or not?

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Do you mean the characters each player owns will increase indefinitely? Does your character data need to be stored persistently?
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Omar avatar image Omar Sarah Zhang commented ·

They can only have 1 unique character per available character type, but character types will be growing indefinitely as the title lives. The data is persistent.

We've changed our approach to rely on a combination of inventory custom data, and player internal data. We made some character data global (items and resources are shared amongst all characters). In addition to compression, we can now store unique character data in their inventory item's custom data fields.

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We don't enforce the limit on the number of characters a player can have anymore, however, we still recommend putting some kinds of limits on characters otherwise it'll lead to bloat in the player profile too much. Based on your game design, your scenario should work pretty well with the character system.

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