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​PowerShell maxes CPU usage - Multiplayer Servers


After my pervious post (l, I have been using Windows Resource monitor on my virtual machine to monitor the performance.

Tested the following machines:

- Av2, 1 core

- Dv2, 1 core

- Fv2, 2 cores

1. I am trying to host multiple servers per machine. For each machine, CPU utilization hits 100% for a few seconds when a game server ends where PowerShell is the most significant contributor. I assume the virtual machine is restarting the game server at this time. Is this to be expected?

2. My game is a fast paced Battle Arena that hosts 6 players per match. If there are lag spikes on the machine, due to other game servers ending, this would be a problem. I am curious if my use case sounds odd; attempting to use 1 or 2 core machines. Can anyone share a typical use case of servers per machine for a game like this?

I am using Photon Bolt which requires 8 ports. Because of this the max game servers I could host on ANY machine is 8 games (since there is 60 ports max). Thus an 8 core machine could most likely host 8 game servers, but this seems cost inefficient as I would best case support 8 * 6 = 48 CCU at a high price.

Any help is appreciated.



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    1. Yes, it is possible. There are certain procedure that the VM will do when the instance initialization and finalization. I don’t think it will affect players’ gaming experience in most cases. Please tell us if you experience any issues during that time.

    2. As I have mentioned above, it usually won’t affect, but still depends on the code you have implemented in server build. Hence, a close test before official release will be necessary.

    >> attempting to use 1 or 2 core machines.

    Does it mean you have configured 1 or 2 servers per machine? If it is the case, it should be ok, but it will requires more quota.

    Currently we don’t have any specific scenario for you, and I will leave this question to the developers in the community.

    3. I haven’t implement Photon Bolt yet, but AFAIK, Azure PlayFab VM port will range from 30000 to 31000, and in terms of each instance, they are independent Windows/Linux images, which will own an unique internal IP address, according to Connecting clients to game servers - PlayFab | Microsoft Docs. I have also checked the doc on 4 - Build and Deploy Bolt Server | Photon Engine. If you mean the ports that need to bypass the firewall for Photon Server Communication, adding those ports in Server Build configuration page will be enough.

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