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Am I allowed to use Firebase Database in my PlayFab hosted Game Server?

So, first I want to say I'm loving PlayFab (just started using it a few days ago in an upcoming project). As much as I'm loving it.. there's a slight feature I think Firebase handles better for my needs and that's the live database.

So I wanted to know if I'm allowed to connect directly to Firebase's live database from my PlayFab hosted game server? I have pretty large datasets that I want to store and retrieve from firebase but I don't quite understand how PlayFab handles connections to 3rd party services from GameServers.

Thank you.

PS! If PlayFab could offer a live database like Firebase's offering, that would be amazing. No rush however :-) Keep up the great work.

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We don't restrict you from using any external services at all. If you can make a connection to it from your hosted game server, you should feel free to use anything which is going to help make your title successful. Basically, custom game servers just run your logic, which can be whatever you need. The one caution would be to make sure not to use the 9xxx port range for any external connections you make, so that you can't accidentally block a player from connecting.

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Thank you! One last semi-related question. Does PlayFab do load balancing for game servers? As in.. will it spin up new servers if traffic spikes? Or is that something I need to handle manually?

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Yes - in fact, that's the main reason we provide server hosting. You set up a build with two key factors - the number of instances that can run on a server host (a machine in EC2) and the number of instances that should always be available (min slots). We then make sure that whenever you drop below that minimum across all active servers, we request a new server from EC2. The minimum slots should be set so that the maximum number of players who could ask for a new session in 10 minutes can be handled, since it can take that long for EC2 to give us the new server.

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