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PlayFab Party - Unreal Engine - no state changes reported when launching a game for the first time after console startup


We are using the PlayFab Party plugin provided by Epic Games in the Unreal Engine 4.25Plus (from within the GDK plugins folder) to enable peer-to-peer multiplayer on XSX platform in a game we are currently developing. We encounter an issue, where, when launching our title on the console for the first time after the console power-up, we always encounter an issue where we will receive no State Changes from the PartyManager (via the PartyManager::StartProcessingStateChanges method).

After further investigations I can tell that the PartyManager::Initialize method is called with correct titleID provided and with no error reported but there will be no PartyStateChangeType::RegionsChanged state change indicating that we have received region information from Azure. Following, any further network-related calls will also be called with success (e.g. PartyManager::CreateNewNetwork) but also no state change will be reported after such call (neither indicating async operation success or failure). The only time we receive the State Changes in such case is after calling the PartyNetwork::LeaveNetwork method, which will result in the following state changes (all within single StartProcessingStateChanges call, always with the same, presented order):

  • PartyStateChangeType::CreateNewNetworkCompleted
  • PartyStateChangeType::NetworkDestroyed
  • PartyStateChangeType::ConnectToNetworkCompleted (with result: PartyStateChangeResult::LeaveNetworkCalled)
  • PartyStateChangeType::LeaveNetworkCompleted

This behavior will occur no matter how long will I wait in-between each different method calls.

The strange thing is that if I close and re-launch the game (without rebooting the console), then the PartyStateChangeType::RegionsChanged state change will occur and all following state changes will be correctly reported as well. This time and every another game launch the PlayFab Party will work correctly until the next console restart. We have checked and this behavior occurs on at least two different consoles so it is probably not related to a possible issue within a single device.

We are using Unreal Engine 4.25Plus-M3, GDK version June 2020 QFE 6, and both the consoles have the August 2020 OS version installed.

Is there any setting I have missed that might cause this issue, or it is a possible bug within the implementation or API? Are there any known steps to fix this problem?

Let me know if I should provide more information that might help to investigate the issue further or there is a solution available I can try out.


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This issue is related with GDK and XSX. It would be better to consult the Xbox support team through:

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Hi Junjin

Thanks for the information. I will post a question on those forums then.


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