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LinkSteamAccount error 101

I'm attempting to let mobile users and steam users link their accounts, I am able to login using google play service (on android) or steam authentication (pc) just fine. However, if I try to use the LinkSteamAccount function on my android device with the same SteamTicket I use to login on the PC, I get the Steam WebAPI error 101 (Invalid ticket) and I get a similar error if I try to use LinkGoogleAccount using server auth code generated by my android device while logged in with steam, the error being invalid_grant bad request. I saw something that maybe those are only good for a single use so that might be a different issue.

I've also tried adding a custom login id to an account that is using google play to login, then logged into that with my steam client successfully but attempting to then link the account using fresh steam credentials also failed with the WebAPI error 101 (invalid ticket).

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The 101 (Invalid ticket) error is coming from the Steam Service (Steam is returning this to us). Do you get this error every time, or just sporadically? Also, not sure whether it’s your case or not, please make sure that you convert the steam ticket into a string of hexadecimal numbers as discussed in this thread:

For the Google issue, no, re-using the Server Auth Code is likely resulting in an error, as discussed in this thread: Could you please try getting a fresh one and try linking with it?

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I'm converting the byte array to string exactly the same way it's done for my login with steam which works almost every time. We do have occassional 101 errors with the normal login and those are super frustrating but usually those go away when people restart their steam client. When using LinkSteamAccount I get the 101 error every time.

On the google issue I did try to get a new auth that I did not attempt to use to login and use that to link with but it did not work though I think it was a different error than re-using the one I had already logged in with, I'm pretty sure I did that wrong though so I want to focus on the steam problem, the google play linking was far more likely to be me making silly mistakes.

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I have fixed my issue with linking a google play account to a steam account, as I suspected on that one I was just doing it wrong, but on the linking a steam account to a google play account, I am still stuck with no clue why as I use the same auth token I login with which I have been able to re-use in this manner by sending it to a node.js server to make sure that people in my chat room have been authenticated the same way as they entered the game and that works (plus the byte array steam sends for the auth code never or very rarely changes). Thanks in advance for any help.

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We're investigating on this, any updates will keep you informed.

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Hey, I would like to mention that I'm experiencing this issue as well.

However, our ticket is that it's working at the start, but then it needs to cancel the ticket approx. 15 - 20 times before the ticket works again.

Could it be the expiration time of the ticket? If so, how can we force expire this ticket?

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