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Azure Function works in Unity Editor, but not on device (Android)

So I've implemented several functions on Azure and they all work great in the editor, however when I call them from an acoutl Android device, I get a the follwing -
Network Error: Invalid Input Parameters System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary'2[System.String.SystemCollections.Generic.List'1[System.string]]

Looking at the Azure log stream I can see the calls I make from the editor, but I don't see any calls from the device, leading me to think its some sort of serialization issue early in the process? I'm using scripts taken largely from the Tic-Tac-Toe azure function playfab unity demo.

This is my ExecuteAzureFunction script, its pretty basic with a little extra debugging in there to help me track things on the device. Everything looks correct in all the logs, except that I get the Invalid Input Parameter. The parameter I'm passing is a simple struct that has a string and an in, in the logs and in the error pop-up it looks to serialize correctly. My next step is to take the tic-tac-toe demo and build and push to device to see if it has the same error, but that's a pain, so checking here first. Thanks.

public void ExecuteAzureFunction(string functionName, object Parameter, Action<ExecuteFunctionResult> callback, int attmpts = 0, bool playStream = false)
        string paraJson = JsonUtility.ToJson(Parameter);
        Debug.Log("Executing: " + functionName + " with: " + paraJson);

        PlayFabCloudScriptAPI.ExecuteFunction(new ExecuteFunctionRequest()
            Entity = new PlayFab.CloudScriptModels.EntityKey()
                Id = ServiceLocator.Instance.GetInstanceOfType<AuthenticationManager>().m_EntityID, //Get this from when you logged in,
                Type = ServiceLocator.Instance.GetInstanceOfType<AuthenticationManager>().m_EntityType, //Get this from when you logged in
            FunctionName = functionName, 
            FunctionParameter = Parameter, 
            GeneratePlayStreamEvent = playStream 
        (PlayFabError error) =>
            if (Is_Debug_Mode_Active)
                string paraJsonError = JsonUtility.ToJson(Parameter);
                string msg = "Network Error:\n" + functionName + "\n" + paraJsonError + "\n " + error.ErrorMessage + "\n" + error.ErrorDetails;

                Debug.LogError(msg + "Name: " + functionName);
            //callback.Invoke(null, "Server Script Error", Parameter);
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I don’t see which line the error prompts. According to the error message, it is possible that the deserialization process goes wrong. I am not sure how you handle the success callback result, but please try to use PlayFab_Serializer to deserialize strings if the data is a json object:

var serializer = PluginManager.GetPlugin<ISerializerPlugin>(PluginContract.PlayFab_Serializer);); 

Feel free to let me know if there are any other questions.

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