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Time limited store


I have finished my store, purchases, and inventory system. I can list all items that are in the catalog and purchase them.

But listing all items that are on my catalog was not what I wanted to achieve. I want a constantly changing store. For example, I just want to list 6 items per day. Which can be randomly selected but it should be the same across all the clients. If they even have one of them it should get another random one. Just returning itemids would be enough.

How should I approach this? Should I use cloud scripting or should I do it locally on Unity? I want to go for the safest one no matter the difficulty.

I also trying to get my selected items on start so I can showcase them. Should I use custom data for that and update it every time they select an item in their inventory?

Thanks for the answers!

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You can approach this using PlayFab Stores. Stores serve as a subset of Catalog Items and can be used to:

  • Easily organize your in-game storefront.
  • Create and organize sales.
  • Make the Items available for a set time period.
  • Appropriate certain Catalog Items to specific in-game vendors.
  • Override the Base Catalog prices for certain player Segments.

In your case, you can add some selected items in a store via Game Manager (preferred) or use SetStoreItems and UpdateStoreItems to control them programmatically, and apply it on the “All Players” segment so that every client sees the same store. For more details, please check out this doc:

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As I understand, I have to set up different stores first. And use GetStoreItemRequest to get them in Unity with their storeIDs then list them in Unity with results.

So if I wanted a daily changing store I have to set up 30 different stores, is that correct?

Is there a automated way to do that? Let's say that I have 180 items in my catalog and I want 6 items per day for 30 days. I have to set up at 30 stores each month.

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No, you don't need 30 different stores, one store would be enough. You can run a automated task on a daily basis using SetStoreItems to reset items in the store, either via our Scheduled Tasks or your custom server.

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