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force linking Steam account leaves PlayFab account created with Steam empty and unaccessible

1) first create the account with LoginWithSteam

2) create second account with LoginWithEmailAddress

3) do LinkSteamAccount with ForceLink, linking the second account to Steam

This leaves the first account unlinked and unaccessible. So it is there, it is shown in the leaderboards, but you cannot log into it or do something meaningful with it. So I am forced to manually delete it as administrator.

Is there any possibility to delete it automatically? Or better really link the accounts...

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May I know why you’d need to create two accounts? In step 2, with the first account logged in, you can call AddUsernamePassword to add the username, email & password for it so that the user can also use the email/username credential to log into the same account.

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Vladimir avatar image Vladimir commented ·

The game has the possibility to be run with Steam or without Steam.

When it is run with Steam, there is no need to ask for email/password just for the sake of circumnavigating the PlayFab design specifics in some not so often cases.

When it is run without Steam for the first time, the only way to authenticate is email/password. And obviously it is not possible to use AddUsernamePassword as there is no Steam running when the user enters email/password, so the game cannot use the Steam-linked account.

I really cannot understand what is the purpose of leaving a separate Steam-based account that not linked to Steam in PlayFab DB and not really merging it with the account that is linked to Steam.

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In PlayFab, a Steam account, along with various other login identify providers such as Facebook, Google, etc. only serves as a login credential for a specific PlayFab account. Once it's unlinked from an account, it can then be re-used for other accounts, in your case, it's used by the second account created using email. As a matter of fact, those two accounts right now have no connections with each other, there is no way for PlayFab to merge them automatically because they're considered as two separate accounts . Therefore,we would suggest that you prompt the user to add a username/password when it's running with Steam so that it can use username/password to login to the same account next time without Steam.

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