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Login with Android device ID creates new account despite existing account having that identity linked

We encountered this strange behavior during testing linking both an Android device and a Google Play identity to an account.

After a device ID was linked to a profile using LinkAndroidDeviceID with ForceLink = true (in addition to an existing linked Google Play identity), and the device attempted to log in, instead it ended up creating a new profile. In the web interface both profiles - the one linked and the new one - appear to have the same Android device identity.

Title 5ACD2

Profiles with duped identities:

F195769E9DD91AC6 and E97B6D4A88356EA6

8BA2B0B1E07711E0 and 8715A08B58A0EF56

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Citrus Yan avatar image Citrus Yan commented ·

Hi, we've confirmed this issue in your title and will report it to the engineering team for further investigation, any updates from them will keep you informed, thanks for your feedback on this.

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Alexander avatar image Alexander Citrus Yan commented ·

Thanks you! Are there any time estimates on investigating this issue?

We would also like to know if this is a general bug or something specifically affecting the title. This occurred on our dev environment, is it likely to repeat in the live environment (which is a different title ID)?

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Citrus Yan avatar image Citrus Yan Alexander commented ·

Just hear from the eg team, and they have some questions, would you please answer them?

1.Are all the multiple links after the unlink were forcelinks or not?

2.Why were you linking the same device id multiple times? Was each time due to you guys logging in to a different player with that same android device ID?

3.Are you able to reproduce it again? And If so, can you do that up and until the point before logging with that credential, and let the eg team know what you would expect so that they can see the state at which you get stuck at?

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franklinchen answered

Hi @a_rakitin, I had a talk with the engineering team. It might be a race condition possibly where the login API was running as they were running unlink which might explain the weird behavior perhaps

We can't seem to reproduce this account recreation with linked device id issue. Can you reproduce this issue from your side? The players(e.g. DB8704DA7221C25D) seem to be deleted now, do you have any additional cases to investigate from?

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Alexander avatar image Alexander commented ·

We haven't been able to reproduce this issue during testing since July 24, but I just found several pairs of profiles in our production title where they both appear to have the same Android Device ID linked. We didn't find any cases of a login request failing to find a recently linked account and creating a new one - in this case it appears that ForceLink fails to unlink the identity from its previous profile, or at least takes a long while to do it (over an hour?)

Title 7296C
F22C6005E01FD054 and F2B07DAE670042BC
C93B108BA7D964E6 and E8083325B2C74BBE
18586692C39124B8 and CDBD05D4B58D000C
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franklinchen avatar image franklinchen Alexander commented ·

Hi @a_rakitin, we are still unclear if this is our fault. If you're re-using the same Device ID between multiple testers, and so having contention issues due to overlapping calls from different real-world clients, that would be a problem. But that looks like a genuine Device ID in the player accounts.

To narrow down this issue, we still need your help to find the way to reproduce this issue and share our repro steps. If you can share the code snippets of Google authentication + android device id linking part, it may be also helpful. Thanks for your time.

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Alexander avatar image Alexander franklinchen commented ·

We cannot reproduce the original issue - in all recent tests devices properly logged in with correct linked profiles.

As for the pairs of profiles that share the same device ID link, we found it when checking for occurrences of the original issue. We'll look for a way to reproduce it.

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