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Error (Invalid Parameter: Name Reason) upon transferring push notification keys from dev to live project

We implemented push notifications for android & iOS about a month ago by using the Game Manager & guide listed here:

Inserting the client credential & pem file worked fine then, and was able to test push notifications right away.

But now that I'd like to setup our live environment, I'm getting the following error:

"Invalid parameter: Name Reason: An application with the same name but different properties already exists"

Upon searching for answers, I found several others having the same issue... for which the answer in all cases was to "change the name of title id to something [else] in game manager".



However, in my case both these projects never had a similar name to begin with. One is along the lines of "[company] Game Develop", whereas the other is "[name of game]". I've tried changing both of these in the Game Manager regardless, but it had not effect.

For completeness sake: I tried using a new firebase API key as well as using the same key, both with the same result. Also when disabling support from the develop app. Reactivating the develop app works instantly though.

I am unsure on how to resolve this issue now, the only thing I can think of is manual removal of the developer platform keys... though as far as I'm aware I don't have direct access to this. (note, in our specific case it is not crucial to have push notifications working for both dev & live portals at the same time.)

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We will try to dig into it.

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[Edited]We tested setting android notification in our multiple testing development titles. It can work fine, even if the title names are the simple names "My Game01". Could you please provide your TitleId? If you have a paid plan account, you can directly submit your question in the [GameManager]->[Contact Us] page --[YourTitleId]/support, please replace the [YourTitleId] to your actual Title ID.

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One detail I seem to have omitted is that the developer portal & live portal are NOT owned by the same studio (its a collaborate effort). Could this be a reason for the issue?

I will also check if I can submit that question directly to support to the link you sent, as I would rather not publicly share our title id.

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Sarah Zhang avatar image Sarah Zhang vanderheijden commented ·

I have edited the answer. The name we used for the testing title is “My Game01”, which is not “My Game”. We guess this “Name Reason” error is still caused by the repeat app names. We found the app name the “ARN” uses is the abbreviation of the title name’s words, but the number in the title name would be kept. So it's possible that the abbreviation of your game name is duplicated with the abbreviation of other people‘s game name. You can try to modify the title name by adding a random string of numbers, like "[GameName]09879961", then set the notification again.

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Hi Sarah, this worked! Thanks a lot.

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