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Build taking forever on XCode 11.5

Good morning,

I have just added the latest PlayFab SDK to a Unity (v. 2019.4.1) game. We have a CI system (based on Jenkins) that usually builds the game in 9mins. Now it takes 2 hours, mostly stuck on compiling PlayFab2.ccp - The same build, on XCode 11.3.1, does not take that long (still longer than usual, and still taking forever compiling PlayFab2.cpp)...

I cannot rollback XCode version on the CI system (or at least that would be my very last option) and I do not see any specific error or warning: it works but it just takes forever.

Am I the only one experiencing this issue?

Thanks in advance!

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Citrus Yan avatar image Citrus Yan commented ·

So this issue happens right after adding PlayFab SDK? Is that correct? Which version is it? Is it possible that you can provide some simple reproduce steps for us to investigate further?

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Yes, this happened right after I added PlayFab SDK v. UnitySDK-2.88.200615

Providing simple steps is not so easy as everything seems to work locally on my XCode 11.3.1 but it fails on the CI system with XCode 11.5

I have just added a simple test method to call:


and everything works fine (the backend is setup and I see the events correctly). The only problem is how slow XCode 11.5 is in compiling that specific PlayFab2.cpp file.

I wonder if by just using the simple example to login and building the XCode project from Unity 2019.4.1 (edit: I have also tried with Unity 201.4.2 but I have the same problem) will be enough for you to see the issue?

Btw we run everything from a complex command line python script, but building the project created via Unity from the XCode 11.5 IDE has the same exact problem: in fact this is where I noticed that the compiler was taking forever on PlayFab2.cpp...

The fact that everything works on XCode 11.3.1 makes me think that the problem might be more on the XCode side of things, but who knows...

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Also, just to give you some details, same exact project and same exact code takes 7 mins on XCode 11.3.1 and 2h30m on XCode 11.5 so it's a huge issue for us...

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The Unity team have let us know that they do not currently support 11.5 or higher in their cloud build service - only up to 11.4.1. They are working on rolling out support for 11.5, but they said that has been delayed. I'd recommend posting to their forums for an update on the status.

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