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Will I be notified in advance if my title is going to get throttled?


we know from testing that our title will greatly exceed the Dev mode limits long before reaching 100k users, so at some point we will have to upgrade to the Standard Tier.

Will I get notified before the title gets throttled, so we have time to upgrade before throttling, or do we have to upgrade as soon as the limits are reached? Can we stay in Dev mode until we reach 100k users, even if we would (greately) exceed the limit?

P.s.: I know the Dev limits are soft limits and are not enforced, but we don't want to abuse the fair use policy.

Thanks in advance!

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First, what the pricing page shows is Included Meters, not limits. In the Standard and Premium tiers, the included meters are the usage totals included for free with your monthly payment. Any usage above that level is charged at the rates shown. In the free tier (all titles in Development Mode), the included meters are the estimates for usage for a title with less than 100K users. We do not strictly limit titles to that amount, but if a title were to go over by a lot, we would reach out to talk to the developer. At the moment, we wouldn't throttle a Development Mode title unless there were indications that the behavior was actually abusive.

In general, there are two conditions in which throttling would occur:

The first is if your title is hitting the built-in rate limiting for the service. Those are the cases where emails are sent to the configured notification addresses in your title's settings, to let you know. And bear in mind that those are sampled - we're not sending you an email every single time you hit one of those limits. If you get any of those, you should look at your title in the service to see the extent of the issue, and you should review and update your title to make sure you're not hitting those errors.

The other would be if your title has a bug or other pathological code condition that causes it to be doing something that's effectively abusive. Calling the API endpoints continuously at the rate limit would be an example of this. Mis-using data types to try to force-fit them into a design (like trying to use user data to aggregate data across may users) would be another. If this behavior could potentially cause performance issues in the main service, we would at a minimum move the title to a "quarantine" vertical for API processing. In that case, you would see an increase in the number of errors for the API calls that are causing the problem, since the quarantine verticals are very strict about the limits. In the worst case, if a title were to be doing something that even an API vertical can't account for, we would have to block some or all players from the title. Since in this case the risk is that the title could be causing performance issues for the service, no, we do not provide advance notification since we cannot let one title impact others. We do reach out as soon as we are aware of the issue to let you know what has been done, and to make recommendations on how you can fix the issue, so that we can return the title to normal operation.

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