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UE4 plugin started throwing errorCode 1131

Recently we started getting error code 1131 "InvalidAPIEndpoint" seemingly out of nowhere.

We are making a game in Unreal Engine 4.23 and have a dynamic variable which allows us to change between our production and development environment. I have manually verified that we are setting the correct Playfab title ID with the "Set PlayFab Settings" blueprint method, but we are getting the following error unless we restart the editor:

"The URL for this request is not valid for this title. The correct API endpoint is" (where TITLE_ID is our correct title id)

We have never had issues with this before, but it started happening within the last week or so.

From a development point of view, this is not a huge blocker, however, the exact same problem arises when we build our development and production apps for release, which, as you can imagine, is a bit bigger problem for us. We are building for ios and android, if it is relevant.

To me it seems like there is some caching going on inside the plugin for Unreal, or perhaps somehow in the editor. The strange part is that this wasn't a problem last week. It might be that we have changed something to trigger this behavior, but a first glance through our history, it does not appear that we have touched this.

We have tried updating the plugin with newest from master (as-of 2nd June 2020), and of course recreating project files, deleting intermediate folders, and so on.

Any help on this matter would be much appreciated!

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se avatar image se commented ·

After doing some investigation, we found that the issues is relelated to the getURL method in

PlayFabCommonSettings.h. There seems to be a caching of serverURL, however the cache does not seem to be cleared when the titleID is changed.

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Citrus Yan avatar image Citrus Yan se commented ·

Would you please check [ Title Overview] -> [Overview] -> [API Calls] in the Game Manager to see whether your calls reached to PlayFab or not?

That helps us identify whether the issue is on the client-side or the server-side.

BTW, what's your title id?

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se avatar image se Citrus Yan commented ·

It seems that the servers are reached;

As mentioned; we have digged into the playfab unreal sdk and found that the serverURL seems to be cached and not properly updated when a "Set PlayFab settings" with a new TitleID is set.

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se avatar image se se commented ·

It does not seem like I have that option on my end, interesting. However, if you have access to see what titles this account has access to, it's basicly the two i'm trying to switch between.

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Citrus Yan avatar image Citrus Yan se commented ·

Took a look at the source code I didn't manage to find the pattern that shows the behavior of caching of the serverURL, would you please elaborate on that? And, it would be helpful if you can provide the repro steps.

BTW, if you have access to support tickets: [Game Manager] -> [Contact us]
, you can create one so that you can share your title id in that private channel.

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Mathieu Beaulieu avatar image Mathieu Beaulieu commented ·

+1 here. error 1131 at everything! Unreal 4.25, plugin 4.25

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