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Downgrading or deleting a studio


We would like to either downgrade or delete our studio as we are no longer using the platform, as such we dont want to be charged for an unused service. Unfortunately there is no option to downgrade or delete studios and so we are still being billed.

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I've answered the message you sent on this through our Contact Us page, but so that everyone has all the info:

In our consumption-based pricing model (as in this case), if you have no live titles - that is, none of your titles have 10k or more player accounts, there is no monthly fee. The only thing you would be charged for in that case would be if you were using custom game server hosting, CDN, or the Party service beyond the free amounts we provide.

For anyone in our legacy pricing model, there are two routes to move your account to be free. One would be the above - move to the v2 pricing model with no titles at 10k or more players, and don't push any of those titles to a Live state. Otherwise, since it's not possible for us to remove the higher limits from titles, you would need to delete your titles and let us know, so that we can manually shut down your account.

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Amar avatar image Amar commented ·

I have recently activated one of my titles that is stale, and suddenly I see a spike in the users because of a hacked client being distributed around in China. Now I am being billed for the title I really do not want to keep paying. I have disabled the client API to reduce the traffic server. I do not see a way to downgrade the title?

Also this title does have about 90k users, and I believe 95k are hacked clients. So with that in mind do I still get charge if I just want to keep the Title in my account, while I work on a new title?

Question1: How do I delete or make it unavailable, while I work on a new title with my credit card and not get charged? I tried deleting a different title that was not released, and there is a for ever spinner on on my dashboard on this title icon..

Question2: I was invited my a different studio as a developer, and they are responsible for their own titles cost. No where in the dashboard, there is a way to edit or see my credit card details to make sure I wont be charged for all their titles.

Please help..

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Sarah Zhang avatar image Sarah Zhang Amar commented ·

Please submit such billing questions on the So that our team can manually process your subscriptions.

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