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Multiple accounts within the same title


I'm wondering if there is a way to create a new title player account within the same project (title) under a single master account login.

Basically, I have a mobile game where players would like to have multiple accounts but the only way I know how to do that in Playfab is to create a new master account in order to play the same title with new progress. Ideally, I'd like players to be able to create a new account and start the game over without having to create a new user/password account. The player could then swap interchangeably between multiple accounts within the same login and enjoy different levels of progress.

If having multiple title accounts for the same title under the same master account is not possible, is there a workaround where I could somehow circumvent this? The end goal is that multiple accounts on Playfab would be linked under some type of umbrella that required a single login for the player.


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@Brendan Hey Brendan, so sorry I posted my question twice. I think you replied to the other question post and then directed it towards this one but it does not allow me to see the response. Could you post your reply here by chance? Sorry about this. Thanks!

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Have you disabled the emails? You should by default get emailed the responses to your own questions. And no worries - I just thought it was odd that two completely different accounts posted the exact same question.

All my post said was that I was redirecting to this one. As to the actual question, I'll post a response below shortly (or a member of our support staff will - one or the other).

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The way the player account system works is that a player has a Master Player record, which is created in a namespace designated by the Publisher ID on the title. By default, all titles in your studio share a Publisher ID. That way, if you have players creating their accounts in consistent ways (always use their device ID for the "guest account", then link something like Twitch or Facebook to make it a recoverable account), they have the same Master Player record across all your titles. That enables things like sharing data between titles for the player. Meanwhile, each individual title has a separate Title Player record for the player, specifically for all title-level data.

If you want a single player to be able to have multiple Master Player records in your studio, they would have to be using different credentials to sign into them. It's not possible to have them all using the same credential, since that's specifically how the Master Player record works.

The question is, what is the experience you're trying to enable? If players want to have multiple avatars in your game, each with their own stats, inventory, VC, etc., why not just use our Character system?

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I have a situation where one of my Master Player accounts has multiple PlayerTitleAccounts on the same title. The PlayFab developer dashboard is showing one Title Player Account, and the /Client/GetAcocuntInfo API is showing a different one. How is that possible? I have also found that I can't find the Title Player Account shown in the developer dashboard if I use GetAccountInfo and supply the TitleDisplayName that I see in the dashboard. It works if I use the display name I get back from the GetAccountInfo call. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated!

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What are the specific IDs in question?

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TitleID: C47A, Master Player Account ID: 6C4F60E7D6016A39, Title Player Account #1 ID: 8E82C239199125F8, Title Player Account #2 ID: F37A6899F1148608

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@BrendanI see what my problem is. I had the right titleID in my URL, but the wrong TitleID in the body of my LoginWithCustomId request.

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